December 18

Planet PBL!

The Lockwood Crew has worked very hard these past few weeks to create fantastic projects about the planets in our Solar System! Take a look into what they learned and how their projects went. Have you ever researched planets? Do you have any cool facts about planets?

Eye of the night
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Hello! My name is Brian Lockwood and I am a 5th grade teacher at Superstition Mountain Elementary school! I have a wonderful wife and an amazing son!

12 thoughts on “Planet PBL!

  1. Diana

    I am in Mr. Lockwood class, and we just show our project to the whole class. Some people was scared and some people was brave, as for me i was both. My planet is Venus, I did some fun facts,just fact,and a picture. Did you know that Venus is called after a goddess of Roman of love and beauty.

  2. johnathan

    when we did the projects they were all so cool. mine is not done yet but i’m working on the planet mercury. it is the closest planet to the sun. you are not able to live on the sun cause it gits over hotter then 800 degrees and colder than minus 200 degrees it is mostly made of rock.

  3. donavan

    The space project was awsome i was scared at first then I was okay even though i did not present my project cause i got shy me and my like on mine project
    I sad Jupiter is the fifth planet from the sun.

  4. chelsea

    I think that learning it was cool getting to learn about Venus.Venus terrain;is rocky and bumpy,location;Venus is a inner planet Venus is the second planet from the sun,moon/rings;Venus has no moons or rings. We had to present are posters to the class it was embarasing .Tomorrow we will present it to the hole school.I don’t want to come to school.

  5. rebeca

    It was fun but was hard and you mite be scared but you will do great like i did my planet is Venus and it was easy and my planet is the 2nd closes two the sun and Venus is the hottest and Venus is called love and beauty.

  6. chris

    My planet is Jupiter and now I my going to till you some facts Jupiter’s mass is 2.5 times that of all planet in the solar system Jupiter’s core is made out of rock, metals,and hydrogen compounds I have all the symbol s of all the planets

  7. benjamin

    My planet is Saturn a very interesting planet.Saturn have’s rings around the planet that is made out of ice.Saturn is named after the roman god of agriculture.Saturn has 60 moons. Saturn’s biggest moon titan is slightly bigger than Mercury.Saturn has a solid core.All the rings orbit Saturn.Saturn takes 29 and a half years to orbit of the sun.


    I got Uranus and my best friend got it too . I had so much fun because you got to discover new things that you never knew about Uranus.We also had to do a model about our planet i did a tri fold and i cut

    ed a styofoam ball and one i painted it orange and the other one blue . The orange one was for the sun and the blue one was for Uranus . We have to show it on Thursday to the whole school and today Wednesday i got to show it to my class i was a little scared .

  9. Brianna

    I have been working so hard on my project for the past few weeks and I am really excited for tomorrow.Tomorr
    ow we are going to lo,;present our projects to the whole school.I have the planet Neptune,here are some facts:
    Neptune is the 8th planet in the solar system,the farthest from the sun,and the last in the solar system.It is a gas giant,you cannot live on Neptune because it is too cold and it takes 164.79 years to get there,Neptune’
    s core is made of rock and ice.

  10. Brianna C.

    My planet is Saturn. Today we did a class presentation.\
    We showed the class our tri-fold and our models. I was kinda nervous but I got in front of the class anyways. I can’t wait until the walk through tomorrow.

  11. marcus

    All two weeks us The Lockwood Crew has been working on our projects the solar system. I Marcus has Jupiter and it was cool doing so much work into one planet. I have my model and my poster.Now i,m going to tell some facts on Jupiter. 1.I,f you wanted to go on Jupiter well no you can,t Jupiter is one of the gas giants
    2.Jupiter is an outer planet from the solar system.

  12. jacquelin

    I got Uranus and i leaned that you can’t live in Uranus And you can’t live in Uranus because of the cold and because of the gas. And it was discovered in 1781 by Walliam Hershel. And Uranus has two sets of ring, nine inner ring and two outer ring.


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