December 11

Mystery SKYPE 2013!!

Today The Lockwood Crew took part in the 1st mystery SKYPE of the year!


What is Skype?
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Hello! My name is Brian Lockwood and I am a 5th grade teacher at Superstition Mountain Elementary school! I have a wonderful wife and an amazing son!

18 thoughts on “Mystery SKYPE 2013!!

  1. Ty

    Well it started out with talking and asking about oceans and rivers and lakes and stuff.But when the girls got lost and where using backup questions I got up and had a chance to do my job and go to many different stations like the i-Pad’s and the computers and the map puzzles but I still had some fun. We were the first on to guess the city and the state so we had a lot of fun.

  2. SeAnna

    That was so cool! We got to do a mystery Skype with another school in another state! It turned out that they were a private Jewish school in Jacksonville,Florida. I don’t really know a lot about Jewish schools and would like to learn more. I wonder what it would be like to be Jewish and go to a private school.I am really happy that we got to do it because it was a learning experience. We ended up guessing their city and state first. They had a really small class and it was really cool to talk and interact with people from another state! I would love to do it again!

  3. Brenda E.

    We did mystery skype today and it was a lot of fun me and SeAnna where the questions askers and the people the anwser the questions and it was a lot of fun because we got to ask them questions and try to figure out there state and city and we guessed there sate and city first they were from Florida,Jacksonville and we asked a lot of good questions and they asked good question so yea it was a lot of fun 😀

  4. Brooke

    Today we mystery skyped with a private Jewish school in Jacksonville Florida.It was really cool to see them because they had there Jewish hats on.We guessed their state and city first but it was really interesting.I have never skyped before except with my mom once when my dad was away.I think that they were really excited too!I would like to do it again sometime!

  5. Diana

    Today is 12|11|13 our class did a mystery Skyped with a private Jewish school in Florida, it was my first time to do this it was fun my group make a extra large floor puzzle.We ask a lot question and our class guess there state first then them.I also want ti lean more and more about them and I hope we can do it again.

  6. Brianna

    The Mystery Skype today was really fun!We guessed their state,and city first.They are a
    private Jewish school in Jacksonville,Florida.
    They guessed our city and our state correctly.

  7. marcus

    Today we Skyped with another class in Florida in Jacksonville in a private Jewish school it was cool. It was nice to meet people that was a religion that I’ve never met Jewish kids.I would like to meet more but still it was nice to Skype with them.

  8. Jaden

    I thought that it was really fun when the class mystery skyped with Jacksonville, Florida. I thought the other class would guess our state first, but nope we guessed there state first. We also guessed the the city before them. There class still did a great job but, I think we were just more prepared then they were. We figured out that they were a private Jewish school.I hope we get to do a skype again.

  9. rebeca

    Today was fun we were on Skype and the student were trying to guess are city and stat and they did and they were Florida and there city was Jacksonville.

  10. Brianna C.

    Today we did a Mystery Skype. The people we Skyped were from Jacksonville Florida. They go to a private Jewish school. I wish we could have learned more about their school and their city. I worked on the Ipads with Emily,Chelsea,Brianna,London. It was a very fun experience. I would like to do it again sometime. If we were to do it again I would want to ask questions.


    Today my class did a mystery skpe it was so fun we had to practice it . There was some people on the i pads and computer . We first got there state right then they got state right they were from Florida .They were in a private school they were Jewish they wear little tiny hats . I hope we can do it again

  12. benjamin

    It was interesting to see people that’s in our grade and lives in another country.we try’ed to find out where we are and where they are.It was very very very interesting.They find out where we are but our school and we find out where they are but their school.

  13. donavan

    The mystery Skype was cool because I never did it before I was scared at first but then it got funny tors the end the maps were fun on the ipad to find were they are and they were in Florida

  14. Mariah

    It was so fun by doing the mystery SKYPE at first i was shy a little but I’m not scared to go on it but it was really cool and a lot of fun we got there state fast and there city but the sad part was we did not get to finish with then because there computer was dying and it was sad and it was pretty cool and that’s all I have to say ok bye

  15. Chelsea and Emily

    We had so much fun trying to guess were they where!We think it was so cool to talk to people from on other state.The people that were skping with us where from Jacksonville, Florida and they were a Jewish Privete school.We guessed there state before they guessed our state.It was so much fun skiping with a class that we didn’t now

  16. Brody

    The mystery Skype was a fun activity to do. The class we Skyped with was in Jacksonville Florida. They are a private Jewish school. I thought that it was pretty cool that the mystery Skype was Jacksonville Florida. I thought that it was going to be somewhere else.

  17. Jesse R.

    ok it was cool to Skype i liked it we had jobs like the runner had to tell people what to write and it was fun i had fun it was cool and one of the names was parker and there state was Florda and they got ares it was AZ the end heehee

  18. janjose

    mars one planet of god of war.
    and it made out of dust and rock so some thing that was called the red planet for its nickname its called mars
    mars is a dead planet when you take of your space helmet you will be dead or toxic


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