November 13

The Gray Wolf Debate

The Grey Wolves are about to be taken off of the Endangered Species list. This will mean that they will not be federally protected anymore. What are your thoughts on this current issue? What can we do to keep the wolves protected?

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15 thoughts on “The Gray Wolf Debate

  1. Brenda E.

    I don’t think the Gray Wolves should be hunted. I don’t think the government should have the right to do this to the grey wolves… Its unfair and the Gray wolves should not be hunted.

  2. johnathan

    I think that is not fair to some people cause they love gray wolves like me gray wolves are really cool it is not fair cause they will now be hunted and I do not like that wolves are good animals

  3. chelsea

    I think that gray wolves shouldn’t be taken of the endanger species list because hunters will hunt them.
    And then there will be no more gray wolves.In the historic range gray wolves lived in the east of the United States.

  4. ty

    If the Gray Wolfs get removed from the endangered list I will go crazy! Why not save all animals by making it illegal to kill animals other than farm animals! These Innocent animals can die! get a brain people! This is like a suicide mission! come on! what are you thinking! These animals don’t need to get hunted! save them people! think!

  5. Diana

    The Grey wolves are now in danger so that means that they are on endangered species list. Now hunters are out and just killing the wolves. Yes, we have to have nice warm clothes but wolves have jobs too, they need to feed their packs and young ones. Also wolves are awesome and I just LOVE wolves! SAVE THE WOLVES!

  6. Brianna C.

    I think that grey wolves should not be taken off of the Endangered Species list because now people are going to hunt them and then they are probably going to be endangered again. Grey wolves are very cool creatures and should not be hunted.


    What do i thing about grey wolfves that they are going to be token off the endangered list .It’s going to be a bad thing because there not going be endangered but there are not going to be protected anymore .They could get shot and nobody is going to care.Right now if somebody shoots a grey wolf they will go to jail

  8. Brody

    Officials say gray wolves have recovered . But conservationists insist the animals aren’t safe yet . If people shoot the gray wolves they don’t have to go to jail but if they were still on the Endangered Species list they wouldn’t get shot by hunters or people who want their meat .

  9. Brianna

    I don’t think that grey wolves should be taken off the endangered species list because then people will stop protecting them and they will be hunted and killed and become endangered again.Grey wolves are amazing animals so they should be protected until they are sure that there are too many grey wolves than they can take them off of the endangered species list.Even if Barack Obama supports to take them off the endangered species list it’s not his fault.

  10. Emily

    I think that they should do something so people don’t hunt wolves anymore.I don’t think wolves should be taken of the endangered list because people will stop protecting the wolves and start hunting them.I think wolves are good animals so I don’t get why there being killed.Grey wolves are amazing creatures and they shouldn’t be hunted.

  11. Mariah

    I think it is really sad what the Obama administration did about the gray wolf not being on the list any more. I think that’s a really silly idea because what all going to happen is they are all going to die and there’s a lot of kids that love gray wolves and i really like them they been my favorite animal when I was five and i don’t get the thing by killing like how does it make you feel killing a wolf and making money of it is sad but i hope not a lot of wolfs die but that how life is i guess :/

  12. benjamin

    The grey wolves are now going to be off the endangered species list.So killing grey wolves is no longer illegal.We need to bring back grey wolves to
    they were in the past.They used to live in many states in this country.Let wolves live on on without them there would be too many plant-eaters.

  13. SeAnna

    I don’t think gray wolves should be taken off the endangered species list. If we worked them up to this population then if we stop protecting them their population is just going to go down. I think gray wolves are really cool and I don’t think they should become extinct.

  14. mack

    I think that gray wolves should be protected. Its not fair to hunt and kill them. They are so nice, and do not deserve such treatment.


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