November 7

Veterans Day

What does Veterans day mean to you?


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14 thoughts on “Veterans Day

  1. SeAnna

    Veterans day means a lot to me because my uncle was in the army and my grandpa was in the marines. A lot of people gave their life and almost died protecting their country. Veterans day gives thanks to all the people who helped serve their country. I think it is cool that they get a parade in some places just for them! Veterans day is a good thing.

  2. Ty

    Veterans day is about the men and women who died in service and the people that still serve in the Army,Navy, Air-force,and Marines. Not only that, its a day for freedom and to celebrate the day that The Declaration Of Independence was signed. Veterans Day is a day that has many reasons and not all can be named.I will say it is a day for celebrations.

  3. Brenda E.

    I think veterans day is pretty cool because veterans day is celebrating the people that fought in wars to save are country and to make are country a safe place. On veterans day you can pray for the people that died to save our country and make it a better place.

  4. johnathan

    veterans day is not about us it is about the people who fought in the war the veterans that is what veterans day is about I say this cause my uncle fought in the war they deserve our respect they do deserve a holiday cause they fought for our freedom so we should be grateful.

  5. donavan

    Veterans Day is the best day of my life because people in the military are being served to give use freedom so were not slaves.People in the military also die for us.

  6. janjose

    veterans day is were you celebrate the soldiers that die.
    the army battles the the country to defend their liberty.
    and they protect the red and white and blue.
    they protect the white house and the president.
    they are the great nation to battle the other country.

  7. Brooke

    How I feel about veterans day is I feel it is really important.People think that all they want is money but actually all they want is a thanks.I really feel like more people need to thank them.I love veterans!

  8. Brody

    I think that its very sad that veterans die just to protect us,the nation,and America. I’m pretty sure the nation would be in trouble if we didn’t have people to protect us. The veterans that die families have total devastation for them and the veterans friends at home.

  9. marcus

    Veterans Day means so much to me because my grandpa was in the army and my other grandpa was in the marines that’s why and for all the people who sacrificed their life’s for us and i want to be like them to be in the army or marines to save america.

  10. rebeca

    Veterans Day is sad for me because they save people,and because people die too and they all cry and i hate seeing people cry it just make me cry.but when people save other people make me happy.

  11. Diana

    Veterans Day is and for me because they save people that are hurt like broken legs or arms.Some had died and family have their love ones in the military. Also when kids hear there dad or mom died I fell so sad.

  12. Brianna

    I think that Veteran’s Day is very cool because it is a fun way of saying thank you to the veterans that fought in the war to give us freedom.Veterans are some of the bravest,strongest people ever because when they go to war they are risking their life for us.If it wasn’t for them we would of been dead because they are willing to die for us in war with other countries.I think that Veteran’s Day is very special because it represents the courageous people of the U.S.A (United States of America).Thank You very much veterans for everything that you did and do.

  13. Brianna C.

    Veterans day means a lot to me because its a day where we honor the vets for all they have done and do for us. My uncle used to be in they military but he died in a car accident. Sometimes my family likes to pray and thank all the veterans that fought for us in the wars.

  14. Chelsea,Emily,and Benjamin

    Veterans day is about men and women who died and fought for defending our country.We are very thankful and grateful for our country and gave us liberty and justice.They defend our country and sacerfic their lives for us.Thanks to them we are still standing and keeping our county a free and great one.We all are grateful!


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