6 thoughts on “POEMS…POEMS…POEMS

  1. My favorite type of poem is alliteration. I love tongue twisters. I made one up. Jolly,Jelly,Jam,Jam,Jelly,Jolly. it is not very good but it will mix you up. I also just like plain poetry. Shel Silverstien was really good. Too bad he died. Poetry is sort of like music, or rapping. Poetry is cool. We get to write our own poems.

  2. I really like poems and many people like me might not know that they like poems until they hear this fact.RAPPERS USE POEMS IN ALL THERE SONGS!Many people like rappers but hate poetry.But welcome to the world of poetry because that’s what they do.There are many parts of a poem and tunge twisters can be part of it and so is rhyming.Don’t fell sad.I didn’t know ether.

  3. I like poems.My favorite kind of poetry is Alliteration poems i think they are really fun.I also like ABAB poetry I think it is really cool too.I think that poetry is a really cool way to express your feelings,likes,and dislikes.

  4. My favorite type of poem is a couplet.Why?Because it is very short and not hard to write.I like couplets because it is only 2 stanzas.

  5. My favorite type of poem is a ABBA poem . The reason why it is,is because it sounds cool when you put it with a beat to it . It is a cool sound and a cool poem if it is written good by an good musician sings the poem .

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