November 5


Today Mr. Lockwood’s class observed and got “hands on” with an elk heart. We had the heart donated by a fellow teacher here and it was from a large elk in Alaska. This was a great experience for the students and really allowed them to get immersed in their heart PBL. Look into the comments to find more out of the experiences from the Lockwood Crew.


Elk: Wildlife beauty in Jasper National Park.
Photo Credit: Peggy2012CREATIVELENZ via Compfight

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Hello! My name is Brian Lockwood and I am a 5th grade teacher at Superstition Mountain Elementary school! I have a wonderful wife and an amazing son!

12 thoughts on “ELK HEART

  1. Brenda E.

    Today we got to touch the elk heart it was really cool. Mr. Lockwood put it in the freezer and then we got to touch it when it was unfrozen. It was really big and it was smooth on the bottom and rough on the top. It was all thick and it was in a bag and there was a lot of blood in the bag it was cool! The heart felt really weird and I touched the inside of the holes and it was really cold.It was just really weird and after we wrote about the heart and also the heart smelt really bad.

  2. SeAnna

    The elk heart was really cool. It wasn’t really new to me because I have touched elk meat and hearts before. It felt like a piece of raw steak. We got to feel inside the blood valves and there was a lot of blood inside of them. The elk heart smelled like dead fish! It was really cool though!

  3. ty

    All of you animal lovers that hate people who kill animals should not read these comments.OK,I don’t want to gross any little kids that come on the blog so i’m gonna make it as appropriated as possible.
    It felt very slimy and wet like if you put your hand in syrup mixed with water.This was an elk that was(best way to put this)put to sleep in Alaska and shipped to our school.There was a little blood on it.

  4. Brooke

    Today was really fun.I really enjoyed touching the elk heart it was really cool.It was cold and it looked like stake and smelled like fish.I stuck my finger in the valves and even held it it was really slippery.Some people thought it was gross but I thought it was really cool.

  5. janjose

    In elk heart i touch inside i felt a muscle inside the heart
    it was from Alaska it looks like a animal heart or a human heart.
    It was all bloody .
    It was smooth i saw the veins.

  6. Jaden

    When I got to touch the elk heart it was so cool. I’ve touched one and saw one before from when I was camping but, nobody told me any thing about it. Like the holes that are called valves and the veins. I got to pick the heart up and it was very heavy. On some parts of the heart it was hard and on other parts it was soft. The elk heart was so awesomely awesome!!


    Today i got to touch a elk’s heart it felt like slime .Some parts were squishy it had a lot of blood. It had two hole on it.It smelled very bad .I thought it was gross .We had to were gloves. I felt sick because i got to touch it.

  8. marcus

    Today we were touching a “Elk Heart” it was cool i picked it up and felt the bottom and it was smooth and part of the top was hard but it was still cool.The valves i touched it got a little bloody but not much i felt the inside of the valves it was bloody and smooth… too smooth.

  9. Diana

    When I touch the elk heart today and it felt so weird. When I touch it for the first time I want to throw up but when I realize it was pretty cool. Now tomorrow I get to see what is inside of the elk heart! I can’t wait but I just want to learn more,more,more and more facts about the heart.

  10. Brianna

    Touching an elk heart was so awesome.I like that we actually got to touch it because we got to learn what it really looked like.It was a very cool experience.There are so many things that I would like to say but I cant explain.

  11. Brody

    In class we touched an elk heart today! It first was in a zip lock bag and it was bloody . My group was the first group to go up and touch it . It smelt weird and my friend Jesse was thinking about touching it then he walks up sticks his finger in one of the valves when my group went up . Of course we had gloves on and in the valves was a lot of blood . Tomorrow my teacher Mr.Lockwood is dissecting the elk heart .

  12. Brianna C.

    Today we got to touch an elk heart. It was very slimy in the dark parts and rough in the light parts. We got to look into the valves . We could see the vains inside of the heart. We got to stick our fingers in one of the valves and it was very slimy in it. The heart smelt really bad sorta like rotten fish. I think this was a very cool and fun experinence.


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