December 7

One Day I wish….

Hello all! The Lockwood Crew has been working on story starters and also our goals. We have been talking about current events in the world and how they affect our lives here in Arizona. We have also been talking about personal goals and how they can shape our future with the work we put into them today! Take a look into some of the Lockwood Crew’s goals and how you can relate to theirs!

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August 16

Technology and Labs in the first week!! What Fun!

The Lockwood Crew took part in some computer safety and procedure lessons and then did some fun and exciting typing practice for the year! They also did their first lab experiment with dish soap, milk, and food coloring! Take a look in the comments to find out what happened! What cool labs are you planning on doing this year! Comment below to chat with the Lockwood Crew!

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March 30

How do I do that?

The Lockwood Crew will be working on creating directions or explanations on how to do a favorite activity of theirs… It was told to them to act like they are explaining something to someone who has never heard of it before.. Look into some of the things that they described and explained… Maybe you can learn something from them!

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November 7

5th Grade Math Challenge

Deep Down Inside, We All Love Math T-Shirt Design
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Hey guys! The Lockwood crew has teamed up with another school right in our very district! We are working with Mrs. Hamman’s 5th grade class from Four Peaks Elementary in Apache Junction Arizona! How cool is that. We will be using the Video Conference Equipment to talk with their class! Both classes have been working very hard on the concept of scaling using multiplication? You as yourself, what’s scaling? It is basically Multiplication of fractions! Here is the cool part, this week we have been working on creating word problems using this scaling method. The Lockwood crew has worked on adding irrelevant  information to make the problem more challenging. Take a look into what problems we came up with and see how Mrs. Hamman’s class tries to solve them! Feel free to comment and try the problems yourself! I just wont publish your comments until Mrs. Hamman’s class has had a crack at them!

Problems created by our 5th grade students in the Lockwood Crew with modifications mad by teacher!


  • Mr. Lockwood’s class went on a field trip to the science center  with 70 kids and 15 chaperones.  2/5 of the kids brought a sandwich for their lunch. 5/7 of the chaperones also brought a sandwich for their lunch.  Exactly how many total  kids brought a sandwich for lunch?
  • -How many Chaperones brought a sandwich?
  • -How many total sandwiches were eaten?




  • Trevin went to the baseball game and sat in the bleachers during batting practice. 60 baseballs were home runs hit into the crowd.  3/15 of the baseballs went into the pool.  6/18 baseballs were hit into foul territory The rest of the baseballs were hit into the bleachers. How many baseballs were hit where Trevin was sitting?


  •  If Trevin caught 1/5 of the baseballs hit in his section. How many baseballs did Trevin catch?
September 29

Concussion PBL Finale

Hello all! Last week we culminated our concussion PBL unit with the 5th grade dropping their “helmets” from the roof of our building. We have worked for a few weeks now doing everything from concussion research, SKYPE with a neurologist, real life stories/connections and now a student made device to simulate a concussion. Mr. Lee our lead facilities dude at SMES dropped our boxes from about 30 feet. The kids did a test drop earlier from a chair and recorded their results and made modifications. They were only allowed to use a Kleenex box as the “helmet” cotton balls, marshmallows, yarn or fabric for the “padding” and the egg for the “brain”. This was an awesome experience for our students and it really taught them so much about concussions. We came back from the drop and a few survived. We had discussions on why others made it and some did not. We ended the unit with a letter to Reebok persuading them to buy the design that made it through the trials! Great opportunity for our students! Have you ever done anything like this before? Have you ever had a concussion before? Come check the Lockwood Crew out and see what we have done!

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September 19

Science Center Field Trip!

Today the Lockwood Crew went on a field trip to the Arizona Science Center. We had a BLAST! The focus of this trip was to refresh our knowledge of the human body and dig deep into the many other exciting exhibits there! Look into what the crews favorite experiences were and what they learned… Have you ever been to a science center? If so, What was your favorite part?


The Lockwood Crew

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September 3

Concussion Helmet Challenge

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Mr. Lockwood’s class and the entire 5th grade are creating new innovative ways to improve helmet protection to prevent concussions. We are studying effects on the brain and how concussions impact the brain both short and long term. The crew has worked hard to create protective “helmets” made from Kleenex boxes and certain, specific materials. We will be dropping from 20 feet to simulate the effects of a big hit in football or hockey in two weeks. Until then the crew will do several trial runs to see if their egg cracks and make improvements to be lighter and more efficient just like the big companies do for helmets.