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Astronomy Review

Challenge #2

Greetings fellow science learners!

We have been busy during the third quarter learning about Astronomy. There were many concepts that may have been new to you.

Please share a comment stating your favorite new thing about Astronomy. Make sure that you include at least 2 details about what the one thing you are sharing.

~ by bligon on March 18, 2013 .

103 Responses to “Astronomy Review”

  1.   1Bailey Says:

    Something I have learned in the past 9 weeks is that the moons position controls high and low tides. The moon moves and makes the bulge around earth move along with it. I didn’t understand it at first but now I actually get it.

  2.   1Catalina Says:

    I learned Elliptical Galaxies are shaped like a Egg And has no dust learned that gas.

    •   2Jade Says:

      I also learned that we live in a Spiral Galaxy and the center of our galaxy is 26,000 light years away form the sun. It would take 250 million years to complete one orbit around our galaxy.

  3.   1Ethan Says:

    In science class we’ve been learning about Astronomy. And my most favorite part about this topic was the planets, because you get to learn different facts about each planet. Like Jupiter it has a total of 63 official moons. Saturn is the only planet which has visible rings are it.

  4.   1Ashley Says:

    My favourite part of astronomy was the moon phases. I favoured it more than the others because it was easier to grasp, it felt like the main idea was easier to learn than the other, and it was easier to understand.

    •   1Ashley Says:

      I liked the moon phases the most. I learned about the names of the moon phases and when they occur.

  5.   1maritza Says:

    My favorite new thing about astronomy is the constellations in the sky because the constellations are shaped in different figures that look like pictures of all kind of stuff. Like for example the Scorpius looks like a scorpion and the Cassiopeia constellation looks like an M or a W.

  6.   1Blake Says:

    In astronomy I learned that a comet appears as a streak in the sky. It also is a frozen ball of dust.

  7.   1tylerg Says:

    I learned that the fastest planet is Jupiter and that Venus is the slowest.

  8.   1nickp Says:

    My favourite thing about astronomy is how the moon cause tides on earth.I think this is my favourite because it has to do with what phase the moon is in and where it is at.

  9.   1Timmy Says:

    I think learning about moon phases was my favorite thing in science because we got to see how the moon changes in first person view.

  10.   1Giovanny Says:

    I learned the what causes the seasons on Earth and how the rotation around the sun what it does to the seasons. And the tilt of the earth.

  11.   1Nathen Says:

    My favorite thing about “Astronomy” is the Equinox’s, and the Solstice’s. Like the September Equinox; during this time the light from the Sun is equal on both hemisphere’s of Earth. Or even the December Solstice; That’s when the North Pole leans away from the Sun making it Winter and when the South Pole leans toward the Sun making it Summer.

    •   1JACK Says:

      What is your favorite part about it is it how they both take turns or how they affect the seasons or what is it.

  12.   1Tori Says:

    My favourite part of Astronomy was the ocean and its tides. I learned that each tide is 6 hours long. When a low tide has occurred for 6 hours, then a high tide occurs for 6 hours. This repeats twice a day.

  13.   1NickC Says:

    I have learned that during a solar eclipse the moon is in between earth and the sun. I also learned that the phases of the moon are the waxing crescent and gibbous, the full moon , waning gibbous and crescent, and new moon.

  14.   1Maya Says:

    I learned that when the sun is facing the right side of the Earth the moon positions change as when the sun is facing the left side. Say the moon stopped right in between the sun and the Earth the phase of the moon would be New Moon. It would be New Moon because side of the moon is facing Earth so it can not be seen. If the moon was slightly over New Moon it would become Waxing Crescent. During this phase, part of the moon is begging to show

    •   3Reid Says: Says:

      I like how you described the different Moon phases. It really helps me understand what you are talking about. Good job!!!!:)

  15.   1Sarah Says:

    I have learned a lot in the past 3 quarters Like that there are tons of different galaxies and how many Moons or satellites each planet has. I have also learned how the Moon effects the Ocean tides. The Moon gives earth a gravitational pull that causes the Oceans tides to switch from leap tides(low tides) to spring tides(high tides).

  16.   1 Alexandra P. Says:

    My favorite new thing that I learned about Astronomy was the seasons, and what causes the seasons, the seasons are caused by the tilt of the Earth’s rotational axis away or toward the sun as it travels through its year-long path around the sun.
    The sun is actually closest to the Earth during Northern Hemisphere winter (not summer).

  17.   1zach Says:

    The suns heat and light on the Earth causes different weather.Its gravity can also effect the tides.

  18.   1kendra Says:

    My favorite would have to be tides.Their are two tides one is a high tide the other is a low tide when the moon is on the north side of earth then it would be the high tides one both north and south.The other side is the low tide that would be east and west.

  19.   1Molley Says:

    My favorite thing to learn about was our solar systems planets. earth is the only planet in our solar system that can support life. Each planet has a different number of moons.

  20.   1Sidnee Says:

    My favorite thing that I learned in Astronomy is learning about what causes the seasons. The seasons are caused by Earth spinning on its axis year around. While the Earth is going around, half of Earth is facing the sun(SUMMER) while the other half is facing away(WINTER).

  21.   2Emily Says:

    I learned about constellations a lot this year. I thought that they are very interesting to learn about.
    1st detail – I have never learned about them before
    2nd detail – They were something interesting to learn about.

  22.   2Zoe Says:

    In astronomy I learned that a comet appears as a streak in the sky. It also is a frozen ball of dust.

  23.   2Natalie Says:

    I learned a lot about the moon phases like how when it is a new moon you don’t see the at all and that the moon waxes and wanes.

  24.   2shaelynn Says:

    There are eight moon phases.One of them is waxing gibbous.Another one was a new moon.

    •   3Kyleigh Says:

      There’s also a Full Moon, Waning Gibbous, Third Quarter, Waning Crescent, Waxing Crescent, and First quarter including the waxing gibbous and the new moon.

  25.   2lorrelle Says:

    Earth’s tides are caused by the moon, the tidal bulges in the Earth follow the moons orbit and sometimes turn into neap and spring tides.

  26.   2Ryan Says:

    Astronomy is about things that happen in space and things about space.

  27.   2Bailey Says:

    I learned about how the tilt and rotation of the Earths axis can change the seasons. But the tilts also involve Equinox and Solstices. Like the summer solstice is caused by the South pole leaning towards the Earth which causes Summer.

  28.   2Renee Says:

    I liked that we learned about constellations like Orion,and Cassiopeia;and also moon phases,like 1st quarter 3rd quarter waxing and waning gibbous and waxing and waning crescent and all that

  29.   2Nick Says:

    In astronomy I learned that a comet appears as a streak in the sky. It also is a frozen ball of dust.

  30.   2Juan Says:

    What I learned is that the moon’s gravitational pull effects the tides on earth

    •   1Nathen Says:

      Another thing with the moon effecting the tides is that it doesn’t matter where the moon is during it’s rotation! it always creates a bulge on Earth. That’s where the Tidal ranges come into place.

    •   2Rayn Says:

      Yes it does it turns them in to high tides and low tides.

  31.   2Cortny Says:

    We have been learning a lot about astronomy in science class. One thing that I thought was interesting was learning about the moon.We got to watch videos and learn cool facts about the moon like, the moon has moonquakes and the different moon faces.

  32.   2Quynten Says:

    My new favorite thing I learned in astronomy is Earth’s seasons and tilt.

    •   bligon Says:

      I am curious to know what else you learned about Earth’s seasons and the tilt. Please provide 2 specific details about Earth’s seasons.

      Mrs. L

  33.   2TiffanyS Says:

    What I liked the most was learning about the planets.They are very interesting to learn about.I learned that Pluto is a dwarf planet.

  34.   2Erin Says:

    I learned that the moon phases and where the moon is affects the height of the tide. The affect is caused by a gravitational pull that is caused by the moon. There is a low tide and a high tide. The closer and bigger the moon is the higher the tide is.

  35.   2Jasmine Says:

    My favorite part about Astronomy was the moon phases because I learned when they occur.I also learned what time it is when the phase occurs.

  36.   2McKinley Says:

    The suns heat,light and position of Earth causes all the different weather patterns. The position can also effect tides!

  37.   2austin Says:

    I learned that there is a reason the seasons come which is the position of the earth and sun to each other and I learned about comets asteroids meteorites meteors And constellations And the lunar phases.

  38.   2Jade Says:

    My favorite new thing I learned about Astronomy was the constellations. One thing I learned about constellations is that Ursa Major is connected to the Big Dipper. The Ursa Major is also know as the Little Bear.

    •   3ryle Says:

      I liked learning about the constellations also and in science is was cool to hear that ursa major has the big dipper in it.

  39.   2faith Says:

    So one thing that I kinda understood better was the phases of the moon. Because before I didn’t get the waxing and Waning.

  40.   2Michaela Says:

    Over the last past 9 weeks I have learn a lot about the planets.Like their names and a lot of details about them. And about how they rotate…

    •   bligon Says:

      I am wondering what specific details you can provide about one of the planets that you may not have known before doing research on it. You mentioned about the rotation of planets, what did you learn about Earth’s rotation and maybe another planets rotation?

      Mrs. L

    •   1Erin Says:

      Would you be able to state one of those details because, you are saying all of this stuff about you learning it but that’s not enough you have to state some of it and tell us some facts so we know what you are talking about when you say many things…. and things like that…. So please add more details….


  41.   2ally Says:

    During the September equinox half of the suns light is in each of the earths hemisphere. The strongest sunlight is on earths equator.

  42.   2Margaux Says:

    I learned about all the planets. Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. I learned that the sun is a star. I have also learned about the phases of the moon. Order :
    New moon, Waxing Crescent, First Quarter, Waxing Gibbous, Full Moon, Wanning Gibbous, Third Quarter, Wanning Crescent, New moon.

  43.   3Taylor Says:

    I didn’t know how to tell the phases of the moon but now I do.

  44.   3Kat Says:

    I learned about what solar and lunar eclipses are. Also how moons phases work. What their names are/mean.

  45.   3Briana Says:

    I have learned that seasons are caused by the tilt of Axis and the way the Earth moves around the Sun.

  46.   3Alejandro Says:

    In astronomy I learned that a comet is a a frozen dust ball that looks like a streak in the sky.

  47.   3Tyler Says:

    I have learned that a solstice is when the sun shines at max in one hemisphere and a min in the other and a equinox is when the sun shines equally on the North and South hemispheres.

  48.   3Regan Says:

    There are eight phases. They are- new moon, waxing crescent, first quarter, waxing gibbous, full moon, waning gibbous, third quarter, and waning crescent.

  49.   3Britany Says:

    A solar eclipse is in between the Sun and the Earth and a lunar eclipse is behind the Earth.

  50.   3Kyleigh Says:

    I learned that season happen by Equinoxes or Solstices by the position where the Earth is around the sun and by how much sunlight is reflecting on the hemispheres so it makes the seasons winter, spring, summer, and fall.

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