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Where In the World Would You Go?

Student Challenge #4

Anyone who walks into this classroom will notice that I have a collection of magnets on my front white board. I have been very lucky to be able to travel to lots of different places around the United States as well as visit multiple countries around the world and everywhere I go, I make sure that I purchase a magnet as a little memento.

Mrs. Ligon’s magnet collection

Some of the coolest things that I have been able to do are:

  • Look out over London, England at the top of St. Paul’s Cathedral
  • Ride in a jaunty cart in Ireland
  • View Rome, Italy from the top of St. Peter’s Cathedral
  • Walk across the top of the Sydney Harbor Bridge
  • Climb the stairs to the top of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France
  • Walk along the Great Wall of China

I believe that traveling is a wonderful way to learn about the others that we share this planet with.

So I ask, you, Where have you been able to travel to? What did you do while you were there? Why is this location important to you or your family? 

If you could travel anywhere in your home country or somewhere in the world, where you go? Why would you want to go there?

And because this is a science class, and because we are talking about ecosystems and such, go ahead and share what plant and animal life is part of your dream vacation.

Thanks for sharing your ideas, as always, we look forward to reading your comments.

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79 Responses to “Where In the World Would You Go?”

  1.   dean Says:

    I have been to California.It was amazing there.The beach and Disneyland.
    I would go to Alaska I have always wanted to go there.

  2.   3jack Says:

    I’ve been able to travel to Idaho. When I was there I went gold mining. The reason it’s important to my family is because my family grew up there.

  3.   Kat Says:

    I have been to Hawaii, and I want to go to Fiji because it seems like a very nice place.

  4.   dean Says:

    Dear Mrs.Ligon
    I have been to California.It is my favourite state.I love it there.
    If i could go any where i would go there again.

  5.   3olen Says:

    I think that sounds awesome Tyler and I wish I could see navy ships to!

  6.   Marko Says:

    I’d like to travel troughout the world and see other countries, learn about their religions, cultures, people, traditions, etc. For example, I’d like to visit China and it’s great Wall, I’d like to visit New York and it’s huge Empire State Building, I’d like to visit Paris and climb on top of the beautiful Eiffel Tower. These are only examples, because there’s way too many places I’d like to see to actually write them down. (:

    Visit mine and my friend’s blog and comment yourself, here’s the link! http://stcorner.wordpress.com/

  7.   kbliss Says:

    Dear Mrs. Ligon,
    I would like to go to Scottland and Ireland and see the castles, the rolling green mountains, and hopefully find a dragon:)

    Keiran would like to go to Russia because he would love to hear Russian language.

    Jaren would like to go to Antartica because he would like to hug a penguin:) (Reminds me of Jason Miller:)

    Christopher would like to go to Scottland and Ireland and meet family members.

    Lauren would like to go to Africa because she would like to see all the different animals.

    Jessica would like to go to the Jersey Boardwalk again as she is from there.

    Faithie would like to go to Nebraska to see the football games, how cold it is there, and what it is like.

    Cameron would like to go to Indonisia because he wants to see the beautiful forest there.

    Harrison would like to go to China to climb Mount Everest and see the Great Wall.

    Chelsey would like to go to Australia to see the sharks on the beach and hear their accent.

    Kyo would like to go to England and see Big Ben.

    Heath would like to go to Alabama because he would like to see their college football.

    Brooke would like to go to Canada because she wants to see and play in the snow.

    Craig would like to go to Anartica to see penguins sliding on their bellies on the ice and snow.

    Daemion would like to go to Japan to see all the wonderful sites.

    Kirsten would like to go India, Denmark, and Italy!

    Looks like we would all like to travel as much as you have!

    Thank you,
    Mrs. Bliss and kids:)

    •   bligon Says:

      Dear Mrs. Bliss & Friends,

      As I read your comment, I kept thinking about how neat it would be to have a scrapbook of all of our travels to share with each other! I certainly hope that all of you get to go to at least one of your dream locations! Thanks for sharing!

      Mrs. Ligon


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