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Digital Citizenship

Dear fellow scientists,
I have been thinking about one of the main reasons why this blog was created and that is to share what is being learned about in this class with the rest of the world. It’s one thing to learn something and it’s quite another to share it with others that we know, and an even more powerful thing to share what we’ve been learning about with those that we don’t know.

As we choose to share our ideas, whether it’s making a post or comment on a blog, on Facebook, or in an email or text message, we choose to accept the responsibility for our words. And this idea has me thinking about whether or not there is a difference in digital citizenship compared to being a citizen in a live community, like a classroom, or a family, or even on a sports team or other organization.

So what are your thoughts? Is there a difference in how people should share their ideas whether it is actual spoken words or in written form?

Is there a difference in how people should share their ideas in a formal setting like in a classroom or when they are just hanging out with a group of peers?

What questions do you have about being a good citizen, whether it’s face-to-face or online?

Thanks in advance for sharing your thoughts! I value your comments.
Mrs. Ligon
Student Blogging Challenge #1

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84 Responses to “Digital Citizenship”

  1.   1 Sarah Says:

    Good Citizenship is really important. It means to respect everyone around you. If there is someone you don’t really like by you. Don’t just sit there and make fun of them. Just sit there quietly and don’t say anything. Just keep it in your head. If you want to say something mean, don’t say anything at all! It’s called respect.

  2.   2RYAN Says:

    Citizenship is a good thing for people so they can feel good about them selfs.

  3.   3DEAN Says:

    Citizen ship means to help others in need.

  4.   1 Sarah Says:

    Dear Margaux,
    I absolutely agree with you that if Teachers have good citizenship then students need it to! Some students are just mean to others and “TRY” to act like their the coolest person around in the school.
    Someday I would really like everyone that doesn’t have good citizenship to stop acting like that, because I just don’t get how being mean to others makes you cool? You know what makes you cool? “CITIZENSHIP”!(:

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