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Quote for the Week of Sept 3

Well hello there!

I have always found great encouragement from the following Isaac Newton quote:

“If I have seen further than others, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.”

To me, this saying reminds me that I can be successful in whatever task/challenge/job I choose, but I would be foolish to think that I can do it without the help of others.

I have had so many people help me grow and become a better person. One of those people was my college adviser. He was the one who thought that I would make a great junior high science teacher. He was the one who made sure that I was well-trained and had the skills to be an effective teacher. I will forever owe him a debt of gratitude!

What about you? Who has helped you see success because they coached or trained you to be successful?

Who can you be a positive influence to? Maybe it’s a little brother or sister or niece or nephew or a neighbor…

What quote can you find and share with the class that has to do with being a success?

Choose one or more of those writing prompts and make a comment. Thanks!

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81 Responses to “Quote for the Week of Sept 3”

  1.   Kyleigh Says:

    My parent make a huge impact in my life because they help me through basically everything and encourage me to just be myself and they also tell me about bad choices they have made to warn me about the consequences.

  2.   erin c. Says:

    hey……… you have a very good way of thinking about things. many teachers have told me things like that too. as Micheal Jordan once said ” there’s no i in team. you have to have others to help you succeed in life too not only yourself. Not only do you need other people to succeed in life but, other people need you as well…….. people can’t just go out in the world and make it completely on there own everyone needs help from other people every now and again…… so when you thinking to your self one day oh i don’t need anyone to help me i can do everything on my own that is a lie you do need other peoples help at some point in your life so when your up set about something because, people aren’t being the nicest in the world and you think no one likes you or something like that and you think that you will always be alone thats not true you do have people, you do need people so…… don’t ever for get “there’s no i in team”.

    •   bligon Says:

      You bring up a most excellent point and that is not only do we need others, but they need us too. It’s so easy to get caught up with thinking about myself and forgetting about the fact that others need my help. I think that if everyone would try to help one person a day with one simple thing, our world could be a much better place. 🙂

      Thanks for sharing your ideas!
      Mrs. Ligon

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