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Our Favorite Memory


The student blogging challenge #5 consisted of creating a video. Unfortunately, we did not find a free program that we could create a video. So, as a class we made a Prezi to showcase “Our Favorite Memory.” The students loved drawing and writing about their favorite memory. Once they were done with their writing, they read it aloud so that I could type it into the Prezi. It was really interesting because when I made a mistake typing (trying to keep up with their reading) they made a HUGE deal about the mistakes. I think that is awesome, because that is a critical component to writing, editing what they wrote.

Here is the Prezi that we created:

What was your favorite memory? 

Who helped make this memory your favorite?

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Student blogging challenge #4 this week discussed using creative commons when using others pictures, songs, etc. online.Tracy Watanabe’s blog was used as a guideline to get us started. We used Linda Yollis’ idea and the students created their own pictures about what they thought Spring was. They were hung up in the classroom and then a different student’s name was attached to their picture. We discussed how it made them feel when someone else received credit for their work. It was amazing to see how upset they were and wanted to know why the other student’s name was there.

The students watched a video about giving credit where it is due. 

The students then created their own presentations using educreations to show what they learned about attribution. Here are a couple of the presentations:

What is your thinking about attribution? 

How can you protect your work that you do?

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Digital Citizenship


Student Blogging Challenge #3 this week was to talk about digital citizenship. As a class we had talked about it at the beginning of the school year. So, we shared what we remembered about digital citizenship and then we watched a brainpop video about digital citizenship. Then the students brainstormed what they know about being a good citizen online. Here is what they came up with:

safe online


Once the brainstorm was complete, each table took one of the big ideas and created their own drawings to show each idea. Then we created a prezi to showcase our thinking.

Should all teachers, principals, and parents have a digital footprint?

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Powerful Sentences


During week #2 of the student blogging challenge, we visited a blog from New Zealand. Their students used a picture to write powerful sentences. We enjoyed it so much, it inspired us to do the same.

Waka Whanake Blog

Here are some of the powerful sentences that we created:

As I ride on top of the elephant, I feel like I’m the king of the jungle.

If I was on top of the elephant, I would feel like I am flying.

If I was a girl riding on a huge elephant, it will feel like it is soft, warm, and fuzzy like a horse.

If I was that little girl on that huge, furry elephant, I would feel like I am on a high swing.

As I ride on top of the African elephant, I hear bears singing in the breeze.

Be sure to visit Waka Whanake blog.

What made these sentences powerful?

Explain why you think they are powerful?

Can you create your own powerful sentence for the picture?

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Student Blogging Challenge #2


Mrs. Barrett’s class signed up for the Student Blogging Challenge. This is the first time that your class has entered the Student Blogging Challenge. Every week there are choices of challenges to partake in, and here are the ones we’re striving for this week:

  • Monday: Add a blog avatar. Do you like what Mrs. Barrett created? Do you think it looks like her?
  • Monday: Add a weather widget for our area since Phoenix has amazing weather compared to many other parts of the world. How different is your weather where you live?
  • Monday: Add a translator widget to translate it to your first language. How well did that work for you?

2014 Student Blogging Challenge

  • Tuesday: Look at Keeping Up with 4B, a classroom blog from Australia. Notice their time widget. Why do you think the times are so different? As a whole class, we will compose a quality comment for their class.
  • Thursday: Visit Waka Whanake’s blog, a classroom from New Zealand. Their post focuses on their writing. As a whole group, we will discuss their post, brainstorm some ideas. What was so powerful about their sentences? How will we make our sentences powerful? Then as small groups, we will write our own to add as comments on their post.

What is your favorite part of the Student Blogging Challenge so far?

What questions from above could you answer?

Westward Movement


We have been learning about the Westward Movement. The students did some research on individuals that made an impact during that time. Here is how the students’ projects turned out. Please click each report to see and hear what each student reported out.

Davy Crocket by Damien

Calamity Jane – Jacquelyn

Calamity Jane by Lexi

Calamity Jane by Kailey

Thomas Jefferson by Talon

Daniel Boone by Nash

Zebulon Pike by Robyn

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Living or Non-Living?


Cartier-Bresson on Impermanence
Photo Credit: Kevin Dooley via Compfight

Am I living or Non-Living?

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Living vs. Non-living


Yesterday we learned about what classifies a living or non-living thing.

Are all things that “move” alive? Defend your answer as a group.

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The Cat in the Hat


The Cat in the Hat
Here is Francisco drawing and telling us about The Cat in the Hat. We used the Show Me app from the Ipad. I hope that you enjoy Francisco’s drawing!

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Fernanda’s Backyard


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