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  1. Students, parents, and teachers will identify the students by their first names only. (If a parent comments, it should read “amber’s dad” instead of “Brad Moore”).
  2. Keep personal information private, such as your last name, phone number, and where you live.
  3. Respectful comments are allowed.
  4. Proof-read comments are allowed.
  5. Use complete sentences with appropriate grammar. (“Text talk” does not qualify).
  6. All comments submitted must have teacher approval first.
  7. Try to write comments that continue the conversation. (Click here for helpful hints).
  8. Try to find comments you agree with or made an impact on you, then add to the discussion.
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  1. Dear Mrs. Moore’s class

    I read Edward Tulane and my favorite character is the girl. my favorite part is when
    the girl finds Edward. I like the way you made it like this.


  2. I miss being in your class you were the best teacher I ever had in my school year.

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