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March 22, 2017
by Mrs. Moore

Cactus Adventures with Longwood Gardens

Today we had a video conference with  Longwood Gardens  in Pennsylvania. We learned about cactus and different parts of a plant. We also did activities. We got to draw your own desert plant and some of my classmates drew violent cactus, but my cactus was regular. Some plants hang from the ceiling, and you can see the roots you would walk under the roots. Some cactus you can eat. My cactus was a Agave cactus. My classmates and I had a lot of fun doing the video conference, and this was our 3rd time attempting to do the video conference. We saw close ups of different pictures of cactus.

By Destin

Today we had a video conference. During our video conference we talked about plants and adaptations. We learned about where she lives and where we live. Then, we went outside to see what cactus we have. We learned about Longwood garden and there was a garden called Silver Garden and we learned about why it was called Silver Garden.

By Shyanne and Sophiah


We learned about plants and we had a video conference with Longwood Gardens. We learned parts of a plant, we also learned about different kinds of cactus. We got to draw a plant and write about our plant and say what the adaptations of that plant.

After, we did the video conference, we went outside and looked for other different kinds of plants we saw some cactuses, and plants with a red thing on it. We also learned about the Agave plant it would grow really tall from the middle when it blooms.   That’s what we learned with Longwood Gardens about plants!

By Leslie

Today we had a video conference and  we learned about plants. We also learned about a lot of cactus. We learned about the silver cactus. It was really fun and  the lady was really nice. We did some activities and we also learned that they have a garden called the Silver Garden. It had a lot of cactus.  The place was called Longwood Garden. They have a lot of cactus and  they also have a venus fly trap. That was her favorite plant. They also have plants that hang from the ceiling. It was so cool, the flowers  were so pretty, and if you saw it you would be amazed.  I recommend going to Longwood garden. I hope you enjoyed reading my story about Longwood garden.

By Alyssa

We went to the makerspace to do a video conference presented by Longwood Garden. First we talked about parts of a plant. Then, we talked about what a plant needs to survive. Next, we matched the adaptation to the purpose. Finally we got to make are own desert plant and write its adaptations, and we also got to see what the silver garden looks like. If you want to go there, it is in Pennsylvania.

By Connor, Peyton, and Torrin

Today we learned from a video conference. What we did was learn about what’s  in the Longwood garden.  There was one plant that looks like the plant I’m growing at my house. The plant I really liked was the Old Man Cactus. The Old Man Cactus is like a cactus that is shaped like a sphere and like there is a spikes on it and something that looks like crazy hair. This is what I learned during the conference.

By Emi

Take a look at a few pictures from our morning!

Do you know why the Venus Flytrap eats flies? 

Do you know why cactus have spines? 

February 19, 2017
by Mrs. Moore

George Washington Carver

Post written by Sophiah, Emi, and Jase

On February 9, 2017 we went to the Makerspace room to video conference with a park ranger from George Washington Carver National Monument. All the way from Missouri, she taught us all about his life from birth until he passed away. We learned George Washington Carver was born into slavery. He lived with three different families throughout his life, but never knew his dad. He did know his mother and brother. He and his mom were kidnapped when he was a baby! Unfortunately, they never found her, and only George survived. His last name was Carver, even though he was not related to the Carver family. He was born in Missouri and went from state to state trying to find schools that would allow black people to attend. He lived in a barn for awhile while he went to school because he was homeless. He became a scientist and a teacher. He helped farmers plant other plants instead of cotton. He created over 300 things out of peanuts and was known as the plant doctor.

Purchase receipt for Mary

written by Peyton, Connor, and Torrin

On our virtual field trip, we learned many things about George Washington Carver. We learned he was born into slavery. Moses Carver bought Mary for $700, and Mary was the woman that birthed Jim and George. When he was born, he was kidnapped and got very sick. The doctors said he would die, but luckily he survived. George grew up to be a scientist and made about 300 products with peanuts. when George was very old, he made a recording of this poem called “Equipment.”

If you would like to hear him recite the poem, you can watch it here!

It was very interactive!

The book George would have used in school. It even had fables!

What can you add to what we learned about George Washington Carver? 

November 10, 2016
by Mrs. Moore

Here’s What We Would Do With Big Money!

Sharing makes the world a kinder place. Here are some ways we would share $100.

I would give half to a person with disabilities. I would want them to spend it on treatments so they could get their abilities back. The rest of the money would go to a league that helps endangered animals because one day a species of animals could go extinct, and all the animals need to be free and have equal rights. The sea creatures also need help because of huge oil leaks.

By Peyton

I will give it to homeless people because I want to help them. I want them to use it for a house, clothes, food, or drinks so they can live. I want them to be happy and I want to be a good person. I want them to have a happy life because some homeless people don’t live that long. They could buy stuff they need. I would do this because they need more than me, and that’s what I would do if I had $100.

By Leslie

I think if I had $100 I would give it to charity. I would give it to charity so the children could see their families like we can see our families when we get home from school. Or I could give it to a homeless person so they don’t need to live on the sidewalks anymore, and they don’t have to eat old food. I could help a school that might not have a lot of money so they wouldn’t get their school turned into a daycare.

By Sophiah

If I had $100 but couldn’t keep it, I would give it to the zoo so the animals would not die. Then they could get bigger cages, lots of water, and more food. They could live longer lives and a better life. The animals would not be endangered anymore. They would catch animals instead of kill animals. The animals would be in better shape. The animals would not be harmed anymore.

By Connor

I would give it to a homeless person and share it with the class. I’ll be nice, kind, and helpful to others. I would want the homeless person to buy a house and food to have a good life. That would make me very happy, and I’ll feel good about it! I feel sad about people that live on the streets. I would do my best to help charity. I would help animals and the habitat for animals and people. I would try to get help to schools that need new supplies for school. I would try and think of a new way to save endangered animals because I hat to see animals scared. Having $100 is great, but I would help people who need it more than me. I can’t stand feeling that people don’t have homes and people try their best to help, but some people don’t help. I would try my best to help homeless and charity!

By Destiny

It I had $100 but couldn’t keep it, I would give it to schools. I would give schools money because I would want them to have more food and playground equipment. I would donate $50 to one school. I would also do this so they could get new desks, books, chairs, decorations, folders, computers, dictionaries, and pencils. I would do this because I like school, math, reading, and science.

By Torrin

Would would you do with $100?

September 29, 2016
by Mrs. Moore

O.R.E.O Challenge 2016

Post written by Peyton

Today was THE OREO CHALLENGE!  We had to stack as many as you can before it falls over.  The average stack was 16. There were a lot of the same numbers like 15, 19, 18, 17, and 13.  And the most stacked was 22 by Brendon, The Destroyer of Cookie Stacking!  We Skyped with another class and we dueled them in a COOKIE STACKING CHALLENGE, and it was  a tie.  Our stacker for the Skype with Mrs. Fraher’s class was Brendon. 

Watch our video to see fabulous stacking and incredible encouragement!

OREO Project 2016 from Amber Moore on Vimeo.

May 16, 2016
by Mrs. Moore

The Pup Adventure

Note: Emojis were used in this writing this original piece. The (parenthesis) is were an emoji was present.

By Nathaly

It was a cold fall day (leaves) were falling from the trees. A (dog) named Noodle laid in his backyard under a (tree). It had no leaves so he rolled in the dry dirt getting all dirty. Then he saw a dog. It was white and it was fluffy just like a cloud. He saw a lady standing there waiting for something to happen. The lady was tall, had red lipstick on her mouth, and a raccoon scarf. Noodle said to himself, “Is she an animal killer?” Then the lady said, “come on my little, let’s go home.” Noodle made a confused face because the dog was not so little. Then Noodle said, “she is not little, she is ginormous.” Then the weird lady and her poodle left. As soon as they left Noodle went into his dog house. That dog had all sorts of stuff like a piece of meat, chew toys, and a pair of stinky (shoes). He was happy in his little house.

The next day Noodle woke up in a happy and excited mood. He went outside to stretch. He looked all around to see what to play with until he spotted (paw prints). He wondered who made those paw prints? He followed them to give whoever went in his backyard a piece of this mind. So he past the pet store, restaurant, shoe store, and the ice cream shop, and it left him at the park. There were children playing at the playground and people walking their dogs. There he spotted his dog friends. They were next to a garbage can. They were talking about what they could do! Noodle walked up to them and said, “What are you guys doing?” Noodle had three friends, Poochie, Lay-Lay, and Lo-Lo. “Oh, I’ll tell you what we’re doing!” said Lo- Lo. “We are talking about Lay-Lay not talking to us!” said Lo-Lo in a come on voice. “Fine, I will talk to you!” said Lay-Lay. “Hurray!” said Lo-Lo. “What should we do?” asked Noodle. “Oh oh, I know what we can do!” said Pouchie. “We can chase (squirrels)! “Good idea Pouchie,” said Noodle. This made Pouchie blush. Then they spotted a squirrel caring an acorn to its next up in a tree. It was getting ready for winter. Then all three friends chased and barked after that squirrel, but a poodle popped out of no where and blocked their way. “Hey you, you cloud we are trying to chase here,” said Noodle. Then the poodle realized he was blocking the way. “Oh, sorry I am trying to find my owner. She was riding a (bike). She is getting ready for a fall race. I was running with her but she was too fast. I could not keep up. I fell, and when I opened my eyes, she was gone!” said the poodle. “Poor you,” said Pouchie. “You must be sad,” said Lay-Lay. “Yeah,” said Noodle suspiciously. “You look familiar,” said Noodle. “Can you help me find my owner?” asked the poodle. “Yea!” said Pouchie as she patted the poodle’s back. Everyone agreed to help the poodle find its owner. Then they were off.

They went all around Yesvill trying to ask people if they had seen the poodle’s owner, which was just a bunch of barking to the people. All day long they tried to look for the poodle’s owner, but nothing, just what’s, owww, ahhh’s until they came to this weird thing. It was blue, a blue shiny thing. Noodle Looked inside this black tube. Then somebody walked inside it and made a loud noise. Then (air) came out of the tube and Noodle’s face was black! Everyone laughed. “What’s so funny?” Noodle asked. “Your face,” said Lo-Lo. After they all calmed down, they went to an alley. There they all found stuff from the trash can and made a fire (with no fire). They all talked. They all laughed at their jokes and stories. Noodle kept thinking that dog looks familiar. He thought and thought, then he heard yawns. “Goodnight,” said Pouchie. “Goodnight,” said Lay-Lay. Everyone said goodnight and went to sleep.

The next morning, Noodle got up early and went to find something to eat. He found a long sausage, but there was only one sausage. He looked around some more. He finally found a plastic knife and tried to cut it equally. Then he brought the pieces to his four almost friends. While they were eating Noodle asked the poodle if she had an owner that was a girl and wears a raccoon scarf and is always really tall? “Yes!” said the poodle. “Then I know that lady.” “You do?” “Yeh, ” said Noodle. “Then let’s go!” said poodle. “Okay, let’s just tell the others,” then Noodle explained everything to them. They finally understood and before you knew it, they were off. They ran past the ice cream shop, past the shoe store, and finally past the restaurant. They went to a neighborhood. There they looked all around to find a house that had a bicycle. Then that very moment they spotted a house. It had an orange door, was white, and had a bicycle in the front yard. “There,” said poodle, “that’s the house I live in!” They all ran up to the front door. “Okay, on the count of three we bark. Okay, one…two….THREE!” All the dogs barked as loud as they could! Then, somebody opened the door. It was the same lady Noodle had seen the other day or the day before yesterday. The lady had the same lipstick, the same scarf, but her eyes had black smears, and it looked like she put paint on her eyes. Then someone put water on them and it leaked all over the place. She had a surprised face. Her frown turned into a smile. The lady said in a relieved voice, “Pom-Pom!” Each one ran to each other’s direction. The lady hugged Pom-Pom. “Oh, I was worried about you!” said the lady. All the dogs felt proud that they helped the poodle find her owner. The next day, Noodle was sleeping in his house all day after looking for Pom-Pom’s owner. It made him so tired, he didn’t even want to roll around in the dirt. And everyone lived happy!

April 4, 2015
by Mrs. Moore

Writing With Questions About Flat Stanley Photos

Eiffel Tower

by Madison

One day Flat Stanley went to Paris and saw the Eiffel Tower. Stanley said, ‘’The Eiffel Tower is about 12 feet tall.” Arthur said, ’’It is really cold there in Paris, right  mom?’’ Mrs.Lambchop said,’’Yes it is really could there.”  They finally arrived at the Eiffel Tower. There were a lot of people in Paris. Mr.Lambchop said joyfully, “It is a dark black color.” Stanley said friendly, “Is it going to rain or be a thunderstorm?’’ No said a familiar voice. Stanley turned around and saw his friend from school ‘’Hi Stanley’’ said Justin. Stanley said, ‘’Hi Justin.’’ Then Justin left. Stanley said, ‘’Can you eat in the Eiffel Tower?” Mr.Lambchop said. ’’I do not think so.’’Mrs.Lambchop went and got the tower guide and asked him, ‘’Hi can you eat in the tower?’’ The man kindly said, ‘’Yes you can, any other questions?” ‘’Yes, two more.’’ Mr.Lambchop walked over and said, ’’What is your name?’’ The tower guide said. ‘’My name is Bob.’’ Then Stanlyy asked, ‘’Can you go up in the Eiffel tower Bob?’’ Bob said,’’Yes you can. ’’ ‘’Well lets go eat’’ said Stanley. An hour later they saw a carnival so they bought 6 tickets so Stanley, Arthur, Mr.Lambchop, Mrs.Lambchop, their friend Justin, and the tower guide Bob could go. And for the rest of the day they had fun. After the carnival was over they had to go home, but before they went they said bye to bob and Justin, but Justin was leaving tomorrow so they said goodbye to Justin also. Anyways, even though he would see see him in 1 week and 2 days, then they got in the car to go home. Six days later…… Finally they got home and unpacked and then went to sleep because they were really tired.

Photo by Terry Moore

Photo by Terry Moore

Flat Stanley with the Monkeys

by Logan

One day two  monkeys that got away from their home and landed in a tree. They used to live in a different tree in France. A couple days later there was this little Flat guy they figured out his name it was Flat Stanley. They thought Stanley could live with so the monkeys and would have some company. One of the monkey’s doesn’t like Stanley so he looks away one ever Stanley looks at him. He doesn’t like him because he always goes on adventures and he doesn’t get to go. Stanley is with them because he wanted to take a little adventure. Then the monkey asked him, “Why are you here?” Stanley said, “I wanted to take a little adventure.” The mean monkey says, “don’t you take a lot of adventures?”That day it was hot so the monkeys were hot. The monkeys weigh about 40 pounds each so they were really hot with their fur. As Stanley got to know the monkeys he asked them how old are you? Then one of the monkeys said, “I’m 30 going on to 31.” Then the other monkey said,”I’m 25 going on to 26.” Stanley says can I do the math for the ages. Stanley said the dad is older. Stanley said the monkey that is mean is 5 years younger than the nice monkey. Stanley said I have to go find my family.  Hopefully the monkeys will help me find my family with me.

Photo by Terry Moore

Photo by Terry Moore

The Staring Contest

by Nicky

Stanley and a seagull were having a staring contest the seagull. Had red eyes  so they can help him see in the dark. The seagull came from miles away. The seagull came from Atlantis and they are in Rome right now. Stanley said to the seagull why are you fat? The seagull said because I eat a lot of fish. He also said why is your feathers white? And then Stanley jumped on Bob the seagull, but instead of going back to Atlantis, they went to Mexico. They were lucky because when they were in Mexico, it was October. They went le Dia de Muertos festival, and the food they had was tamales, pozole and menudo. Stanley and bob the seagull loved the food. They also ate sugar skulls. After Bob and Stanley were in the Dia de los Muertos festival. Then they went to Mexico City. After they were in Mexico City, they went to the Gulf of Mexico. Stanley got to ride a dolphin, and they both got to ride a free cruise ship because bob flew after the cruise ship. Finally, they sailed back to Atlantis.

Photo by Terry Moore

Photo by Terry Moore

The Rainbow Lizard

by Cory

Once upon a time there was a kingdom far far away in England. But it was full of courage and curiosity, and there was a statue that was a lizard. If you have a wish, it would grant it for you. This lizard is red, green, purple and yellow. If you touch this lizard you would grow ill, and one day a little boy touched it and he grew ill. But this boy wasn’t that ill. The last boy did not make it so ever since the first boy touched it, scientist have been researching it. They found out that a wizard has put a spell on it and so if a person touched it the person would grow ill. The next day the lizard came alive and there were words that described the lizard. But the lizard was found on a motel in the middle of England!

People call the lizard the rainbow lizard and one day a little girl called the lizards name rainbow lizard rainbow lizard. Just to count how many colors it is. When she counted how many, she got four different colors. She also measured to see how long it is and how wide it was. She got twenty feet long and four feet wide! People always thought it was there for decoration.

Photo by Terry Moore

Photo by Terry Moore

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