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April 21, 2017
by Mrs. Moore

A Balinese New Year

If you’ve been following our blog this year, you know we have been learning about different places around the world through the #GeoShows. One of our last Skype calls with Geo Brandon took us to Indonesia. We learned amazing things about their New Year celebrations. Then, Ms. Brokaw had a fantastic idea we create our own ogoh-ogohs to celebrate our almost being 4th graders! Check out our journey through planning, creating, and parading for an audience with our ogoh-ogohs!

Listen to the starting speeches to learn more about the celebration.

Our first performance for Ms. Marsh and Mrs. Seese‘s class was so popular, we held a second performance for the Mrs. Carney, Mrs. Jones, Mrs. Pesterfield, and Ms. Mewhorther‘s classes!

How do you celebrate the New Year? 

April 12, 2017
by Mrs. Moore

Songkran: Thai New Year

It was mostly about Thailand new year.  They had a water fight that went on for 3 days, and had a parade with Buddhas. They had a moat that covered the outline of the city.  The celebration was called Songkran.  They had temples that you have to take your shoes off.

By Wade

Today we had a geo show Skype,  and it was about Thailand and we thought it was pretty cool. Every year they get water guns and squirt it all over everyone. We think it looked fun, and  we wish we could go there, but it is too far away. Anyway, every year they  also make a parade. There are be cool statues made out of gold, and they are Buddha people. They also have a museum about Buddha, and you have to take off your shoes for respect. Also, they make Buddha statue and it depends how big they are about holding the Buddha. The kids are just are holding up the signs and some other ones walk the whole parade the whole entire time and the rest of them are squirting water at the parade or at the people or at the Buddha. The people who hold the Buddha sprayed water back.   

By Sophiah and Emi

Today we learned about Thailand with the Geo Show. We learned how they celebrate by getting into water fights or by just throwing water at people. They get a bucket of water or a water gun. We also learned about Buddhas. There are gold kinds, and silver, and also emerald kinds. There are lots of kinds of Buddhas!

By Leslie

Today we learned how Thailand celebrates new years. We learned how Thailand celebrates new years with Geo Show. They had Buddha when they had a parade. Then they had a water fight that lasted 3 days straight. What surprised me the most was when they through scented water at the Buddhas. He also showed us how to make banana coconut milk. There are some made of gold and emerald.


By Destiny


Geo Brandon answered this during the live show! Yes! The statues are made out of real gold!!

That’s right! It finally happened. Someone from our class won!

How do you celebrate New Year’s?

February 22, 2017
by Mrs. Moore

Mystery Skype with Missouri

Two times in the same month, we talked with people living in Missouri! This time was with a class of 3rd graders. This was a big challenge, and in the end, we lost by one question! This class definitely tested our skills! One question they asked, do you border Colorado? We were stumped. Was touching the corner enough? Or does it have to actually touch a side? After the Skype, we tweeted Mystery Skype professional Mrs. Avery to find out what she had to say. We should also mention she used to live in Arizona, but now lives in Colorado.

And her response!

Thank you Mrs. Avery! We are officially ready for that questions next time it is asked!

A game of rock, paper, scissors to see who starts!

Everyone has a role in Mystery Skype.

It was tough! Look at all the states that already have an X!

Destiny and Brendon working hard listening to the clues.

Mystery Skypes help us with our map skills. What do you think is an important skill to have when reading a map? 

February 20, 2017
by Mrs. Moore

Abraham Lincoln

Once again, Brandon from the Geoshow taught us really interesting facts about our topic! This time he took us back to Kentucky to learn about the man before he became our famous President, and just in time for President’s Day! We started off with a KWL chart, so we could tweet our questions. Here are a couple from our W’s:

Brandon responded live to this tweet! He told us that although he loved to learn and read, he hardly attended actual schools. Hiring teachers was very expensive, but he did later teach himself how to be a lawyer.

This one didn’t actually get answered, but there is a little background to this non Abe question. We had just learned his mother died from something called Milk Sickness. This sickness was a result of using cows milk after they had eaten White Snake root. Great question Sophiah!

Here are responses from the L portions of our KWL charts:

  • Abraham Lincoln always read out loud, even when he was all alone.
  • He was the first president to be assassinated.
  • He purchased general shops. These turned out to not be a good investment.
  • His nickname was honest Abe.
  • He and his wife had separate bedrooms. This was a big deal if you had enough money to have two rooms!
  • He grew up in a one room house.
  • White Snake root is bad, and his mom died from Milk Sickness.
  • He ran a post office.
  • He died at 56 years old.
  • He was against slavery.
  • He had four children, but only one lived to be an adult.

What can you tell us about Abraham Lincoln? 


December 12, 2016
by Mrs. Moore

Our Eventful Week

When we say it was eventful, we are not joking around! Here’s a quick overview of our memorable week.

  1. It was time again to show what we know! We took our reading and math benchmark tests.
  2. In honor of Computer Science Education Week, we participated in Hour of Code! This was really exciting.
  3. Did you know different countries celebrate Christmas in different ways? We dove into our “Holidays Around the World” book and so far learned about Canada, Spain, and France.
  4. We had our first Mystery Skype and guessed correct! They were in Michigan. Then, we had the chance to find out a few things about their school and state. They only had 270 kids in their entire school! We also learned they they do border Canada, but not actually by land.
  5. Our first holiday cards from our holiday card exchange started arriving! So far, they have come Florida, Michigan and Indiana. We sent 3 cards to different countries, and can’t wait for those to arrive.
  6.  We put our collaboration skills to work during a math performance task. We had to decided how we would spend $25 at a country fair.
  7. During our introduction to coding, we used our first hyperdoc! It had video links, a padlet, and questions to ponder.
  8. Mr. Lockwood came to our class to teach us about digital citizenship. Using the internet comes with great responsibility.
  9. Of course, we squeezed in a little poetry as well!

Here’s a iMovie trailer for a quick look at our week! It goes fast, so watch closely!

Which of our events do you think sounds like the most fun?

November 15, 2016
by Mrs. Moore

Meeting the Komodo Dragon

Our class was once again wowed with the information we learned during our Skype with #GEOshow! This time, we were introduced to the Komodo dragon at the Komodo National Park in Indonesia! Although we knew a couple of fun facts about these fierce creatures, we had much more to learn.

Post Skype Facts:

  • When they are young, they can climb trees.
  • They are carnivores, which means they only eat meat.
  • Although they have a lot of teeth, they are pretty small.
  • They have a warning sign that sounds scary!
  • Komodo dragons only eat once a month! We cannot imagine this!
  • They are cold blooded animals.
  • They lay eggs in nests where the mother stays near to protect until they hatch.
  • Komodo’s eat their prey whole.
  • An adult can weigh up to 330 pounds, grow to be 10 feet long, and live for around 30 years.
  • They have up to 50 kinds of bacteria in their mouth that is toxic.
  • Don’t try and out run one, they are really fast!

Then we answered this question, “What surprised you about the Komodo National Park?”

  • The young Komodo dragons live in trees for about 2 to 3 years (this is so the bigger ones don’t eat them!)
  • A male Komodo dragon will eat others’ eggs.
  • A Komodo dragon can and will eat people! It happened in 1990, a tourist was swallowed whole.
  • The people at the park use a stick to protect themselves, and that is it!

Next we answered, “Would you visit Komodo National Park?”

  • Yes, I would because there are amazing things to see. – Anahi
  • No, I would not because they would bite me. – Matthew
  • No because I don’t want to get eaten. – Alyssa
  • No, because as a kid I would get eaten. – Peyton
  • Yes, because I could learn more about Komodo Dragons. – Leslie
  • No, because I could get eaten by one. – Logan
  • No, because I don’t want to get bit by one. – Destiny
  • Yes, I would visit KNP because I would want to see Komodo dragons. – Torrin
  • Yes, because I would want to see a Komodo dragon. I hope I don’t get bitten. – Noemi
  • Yes, so I can learn more about Komodo dragons. – Connor
  • Yes, because I want to see a Komodo dragon in person. – Sophiah

We also got to see some cool underwater video! Watch our Animoto video to see a bit of what we experienced!

If you would like to view the whole Komodo GEO show, view it here!

What is the scariest creature you have ever seen in person? 

Would you like to visit the Komodo National Park? 


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