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May 22, 2017
by Mrs. Moore

Read Across America

It was a celebration full of Dr. Seuss! This event happened months ago, but we just discovered some old footage we think is worthy of sharing. Our class took it a step further than just reading the same author with other students in America. We actually Skyped with our friends in Missouri. We had recently participated in a Mystery Skype, and thought it would be great to reconnect with a shared read aloud. They read the first half of the book to us, then we read the last half to them! If you’d like to see a few pictures, and hear our half of the book, watch the video below.

What is your favorite Dr. Seuss book? 

October 3, 2016
by Mrs. Moore

GRA 2016 Kick-Off!

This year, all of third grade will be reading Pax by Sarah Pennypacker for the 2016 Global Read Aloud. To kick-off this year’s event, we contributed to a Padlet to share our predictions. We shared our Padlet on Twitter, and two more classrooms added to it. One from Oklahoma and another from Canada! Then we read the first two chapters. Here are our thoughts about the book so far:

I think it is a really good story, even if it is a little sad. Peter is nice because he cares for Pax. His dad is mean because he leaves Pax alone in the forest. I think in chapter 3, Peter will look for Pax but not find him.  -Connor

In chapter 3, I think Peter is going to run away so he can find his friend the fox. I don’t think he will come home until he has found his friend Pax. -Miracle 

I really like it because it is full of surprises! – Peyton

I think it is sad they left Pax in the woods. -Riley

I wonder why Pax doesn’t have a family? -Brendon

My thoughts about the story so far is it’s a really great story, and it’s a interesting book with interesting characters. -Leslie

Here is our Padlet. We are hopeful other schools will continue to share.

Have you participated in a Global Read Aloud? 

May 2, 2016
by Mrs. Moore
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One Book, One School

Our school is once again having its annual One Book, One School Event. This year our entire school will be reading The One and Only Ivan by Katherine Applegate. Every student was given a copy of the book to take home and read with their families. We read a little each night, and then each morning Mrs. Shirley announces a new question. If we know the answer, we write it on a leaf and add it to the tree in the cafeteria. At the end of the day, two winners are chosen from the tree to receive a prize! This is just the beginning. Even though we are reading the book at home, we are doing activities at school as well. We are even hoping to Skype with another class from a different state who is reading the book as well. Check back to see what’s new in our One Book, One School Event!

Here is a video of our kick-off assembly. It gives a few hints about the book, but there are no spoiler alerts!

Our teacher, Mrs. Moore, read it before and told us we will not regret this one! And so far, we agree! Maybe you should read it too?!


September 13, 2015
by Mrs. Moore
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After a week of similes and idioms, we took it outside to show some of what we learned! We used nature and other things we saw outside to inspire us to use similes to help describe what we saw. Then we took pictures, and put them in this Animoto video. We hope you enjoy learning a little about figurative language.

How would you use similes to make language more interesting? 

January 14, 2015
by Mrs. Moore

Lon Po Po and Ginkgo Nuts

We recently read Lon Po Po: A Red-Riding Hood Story from China by Ed Young. If you have not read it, we highly recommend you do! We thought it was a fantastic story, and think you will enjoy the twist in the plot. We don’t want to give it away, but we will tell you in this version, the children trick the wolf into climbing into a basket by telling him he must try the delicious Ginkgo nuts from the very tall Ginkgo tree. The children made the nuts sound so delicious, we decided to create our own posters advertising Ginkgo nuts. Watch the 30 Hands video below to see if we can persuade you into believing this is the most fantastic food you will ever taste!

Ginkgo Nuts from Amber Moore on Vimeo.

What fun facts do you know about Ginkgo trees?

Which story do you prefer, Lon Po Po or Little Red Riding Hood?

January 13, 2015
by Mrs. Moore

Cinderellas, Plural?

Did you know there are several versions of the story we know as Cinderella? We had the opportunity as a class to read and then compare and contrast five of these stories. It was very interesting to hear the different versions from around the world. We read Cinderella (the original version to us), Mufaro’s Beautiful Daughters: An African Tale, Cindy Ellen: A Wild Western Cinderella, Domitila: A Cinderella Tale from the Mexican Tradition, and Cendrillon: A Cajun Cinderella.

We created  a huge matrix on our wall to visually see the similarities and differences in each story. We found the endings all had something in common, they all ended happily with a marriage! They also shared the same lesson or moral. Although all the stories shared the same elements found in fairy tales, most specifics were different. For example, Domitila only had one stepsister, and the settings took place from deserts to forests. When we discussed which was our favorite version, it was between Domitila and Cindy Ellen! Here are some of our thoughts about these favorites:

  • “I like Domitila because he just liked her cooking, not because she was at the ball. I liked it because it was different.” -Christilyn
  • “I like Domitila the best because it was unique, and the setting and illustrations were nice. Also, some of the words taught me Spanish.” -Madison
  • “I liked Domitila best because it is a Mexican Cinderella.” -Isaiah
  • “I liked the Mexican version the best because I am Mexican, and Domitila made nopales.” -Leonardo
  • “Cindy Ellen because she is a cowgirl and the book is very cool. She does cool tricks.” -Evelyn
  • “The one I like best was Cindy Ellen because I like cowboys. It also had a gold pistol.” -Johnny
  • “I like Cindy Ellen because I like guns.” -Tegan
  • “I like Cindy Ellen because the pictures are very pretty.” -Aryana
  • “Cindy Ellen because she shot a pistol up in the air.” -Theo
  • “The version I like is Domitila because I am Mexican.” -Nicky


 Which version do you most enjoy reading? 

Can you suggest others we did not read? 

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