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April 8, 2015
by Mrs. Moore

Kicking-Off Perimeter

Did you know there is a whole different story about another set of three little pigs? Neither did we until we read Three Pigs, One Wolf, and Seven Magic Shapes by Grace Maccarone. Much like the original story, there are three little pigs (although one is a girl) and a big bad wolf (but his name is Brad). We don’t want to tell you too much about the story because we think you should read it for yourself. What we will tell you is this helped us learn about perimeter. After reading the story, we traced and measured the perimeter of each piece. Then we created something with all seven pieces and found the perimeter for the whole shape! Check out our Animoto video!

March 13, 2015
by Mrs. Moore

Shaping Up With Quadrilaterals!

We recently began our standard on shapes and their attributes. To kick this off, Mrs. Moore read us the book Shape Up! Fun with Triangles and Other Polygons by David A. Adler. We learned many fascinating things about polygons! Did you know a polygon is any closed figure made with only line segments? Today, we are going to share our drawings created with at least one quadrilateral and most likely several other polygons. We want you to see if you can identify the quadrilaterals in them. Do you know the attributes of a quadrilateral? How many do you see in our drawings?

January 8, 2015
by Mrs. Moore

Fractions with M&M’s

Our class has been working hard to learn all we can about fractions! With each of us using 2 small packages of M&M’s, we followed these directions to help practice fractions.

  1. Before opening the bag of M&M’s, guess the total number of M&M’s in the packages.
  2. Open your package and count the total number of M&M’s.
  3. What fraction represents the number of each color candy in your packs?
  4. Then we answered the following questions: Which color represents the largest fraction? Which color M&M represents the smallest fraction?
  5. Eat one of each color of M&M. What is the total number you have now?
  6. What fraction represents the number of each color candy in you pack?
  7. If you give 2 red M&M’s to your teacher, what fraction of your remaining M&M’s will be red?
  8. Write the fraction that represents the number of M&M’s that are not orange?
  9. Finally, EAT all your M&M’s!

To find a little extra data, we counted the total number of M&M’s in all the packs, we found a total of 678, which gave us an average of 31 M&M’s per student. We think using food to learn more about fractions is an excellent idea!

Do you have any suggestions about the best way to learn fractions? 

December 11, 2014
by Mrs. Moore

How Do You Review?

With benchmark testing approaching, it was time to make sure we were ready to go! Of course we did the normal practice stuff, and then go over it with Mrs. Moore, but we also did a lot of really cool things to help give us that nudge! Here are some of the activities we did for our benchmark review.

We used!


Final Jeopardy? Watch out, it was a tough question!


We worked in collaborative groups using our big dry erase white boards to solve word problems.


Have you ever used any of these methods? 

What is your personal favorite for preparing for a test?

November 10, 2014
by Mrs. Moore
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O.R.E.O. Project

The O.R.E.O Project (Our Really Exciting Online Project) was a blast! In fact, we had such a great time, we visited some of our kindergarten friends in Mrs. Carney’s class, and helped them with their own O.R.E.O. Project! Each of us estimated the number of Oreo cookies we thought we could stack before it would tumble. We had two attempts. Then, we looked at the difference between the two attempts and our estimation. After the entire class had a chance to stack, we looked at the class mean, mode, and median. This is what we found:

  • Mean – 16 cookies
  • Mode – 17 cookies
  • Median – 17 cookies

You can view the results of the project here. These results are for 542 classes and 14,074 participants. The average 3rd grade stack was 19, three more cookies than our class average! Here is an  iMovie trailer showcasing our tumbles!

OREO Project from Amber Moore on Vimeo.

How many Oreos do you think you could stack? 

November 6, 2014
by Mrs. Moore
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Pumpkin Seed Project 2014

written by Madison, Evelyn, Isaiah, Meah and Kevin

On October 30, 2014 we participated in the Pumpkin Seed Project! This project is all about math. First we estimated how many seeds we thought would be in our group’s pumpkin. Then, we looked inside it, and made another estimation. We also estimated the circumference of each pumpkin. It was finally time to start counting. We decided counting the seeds in groups of ten would make it easier to get a total number, and that is where the fun began! We drew circles on our table paper to create groups of ten. After all the seeds had been counted, we either counted by tens or multiplied. After we were done with the seeds, we measure the circumference of the pumpkin. We recorded all of our data, and then shared our results. There were 3,898 participants  and 107,974 seeds counted! We added up all the seeds from our 6 pumpkins and came out with a total of 2,154! It’s hard to believe we could actually plant that many pumpkin seeds from just 6 pumpkins! Here is a peek into our project.

Have you ever counted the seeds in a pumpkin?

Have you ever planted one of those seeds?

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