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November 7, 2017
by Mrs. Moore
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Growth Mindset and Roz

It is a tradition in Mrs. Moore’s class to participate in the Global Read Aloud. This year over 1,000,000  students in 60 countries are reading a selected book to connect their class with other classes. Our class is reading The Wild Robot by Peter Brown. About a month ago we started talking about growth mindset. We watched ClassDojo Videos and discussed growing our brains. Here are our signs.


Then, Mrs. Moore asked us if we thought Roz, the robot in our book, has a growth mindset? We used Flipgrid to share our thoughts on the subject.

Have you read The Wild Robot? Even though we are not finished, we recommend you do! 

October 3, 2016
by Mrs. Moore

GRA 2016 Kick-Off!

This year, all of third grade will be reading Pax by Sarah Pennypacker for the 2016 Global Read Aloud. To kick-off this year’s event, we contributed to a Padlet to share our predictions. We shared our Padlet on Twitter, and two more classrooms added to it. One from Oklahoma and another from Canada! Then we read the first two chapters. Here are our thoughts about the book so far:

I think it is a really good story, even if it is a little sad. Peter is nice because he cares for Pax. His dad is mean because he leaves Pax alone in the forest. I think in chapter 3, Peter will look for Pax but not find him.  -Connor

In chapter 3, I think Peter is going to run away so he can find his friend the fox. I don’t think he will come home until he has found his friend Pax. -Miracle 

I really like it because it is full of surprises! – Peyton

I think it is sad they left Pax in the woods. -Riley

I wonder why Pax doesn’t have a family? -Brendon

My thoughts about the story so far is it’s a really great story, and it’s a interesting book with interesting characters. -Leslie

Here is our Padlet. We are hopeful other schools will continue to share.

Have you participated in a Global Read Aloud? 

December 1, 2015
by Mrs. Moore

Our Wrap On The Global Read Aloud

Participating in the Global Read Aloud was very exciting for our class! Not only did we have the chance to read a great book, The Year of Billy Miller, we were able to connect using Skype and Padlet with classes in Tennessee, Colorado, New York and Michigan.

Last week we made our final connection with the 2nd grade class from Tennessee. The other teacher had a great idea. Using Kahoot, we would share what we knew about The Year of Billy Miller. We’ve used Kahoot before, but never with a class in another state! It was a fast paced and exciting game! You can probably tell by looking at our faces in the pictures below, it was intense waiting to see if we picked the correct answer.

Playing Kahoot with a class in Tennessee!

Playing Kahoot with a class in Tennessee!

Thank  you again to Ms. Osborne’s class in Tennessee! We enjoyed both our Mystery Skype and playing Kahoot!


October 6, 2015
by Mrs. Moore

Global Read Aloud Kick-Off 2015

Yesterday was a huge day for readers all over the world! It was the kick-off day for the 6th annual Global Read Aloud. Last week Mrs. Moore told us we would be reading The Year of Billy Miller by Kevin Henkes. We looked at the cover and started thinking about what would happen to Billy during his year?! We drew pictures and wrote about what the possibilities that might take place. Here are our predictions:

The Year of Billy Miller Predictions from Amber Moore on Vimeo.

We are also getting excited to start making connections with other classes. We were amazed yesterday when we listened to Pernille Ripp’s video and found out there are 525,000 students all over the world participating this year. We plan on doing Skype calls, blog posts, and even a slowchat using Twitter! Check back to see our thoughts about the book and to hear about our connections.

What experiences do you think Billy Miller will have in this book?

November 11, 2014
by Mrs. Moore
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Mystery Class Skype

Last Thursday, we had our first Mystery Class Skype! What made this even more exciting was they are  participating in the Global Read Aloud and reading the same book, The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane, we are reading! After our mystery locations were discovered, we had the chance to share our favorite parts of the book and learn a little more about where they are from, which we guessed correctly as…

texas Imagine found at:

Because this was our first Mystery Skype, we had to do a lot of research about our own state so we would know how to answer the students’ questions. Some of the research we did included:

  • What states border us?
  • Which time zone are we located in?
  •  What is our state flower?
  • Do we border another country?
  • Do we have any professional sports teams?
  • Do we have any cities with more than 1,000,000 people?
  • What is our climate?

Then, we knew we were ready to go! Next, everyone was given a job. The jobs included inquirers and greeters (these kids were in front of the camera), logical reasoners, clue keepers, researchers, runner and problem solver, photographer and videographer. The inquirers asked the other class ‘yes or  no’ questions. Based on the responses, the others went to work with their maps and computers to try to figure out where they were located! This went back and forth until we were ready to make a guess. We are proud to say, we figured it out first!

Mystery Skype from Amber Moore on Vimeo.

Have you participated in a Mystery Skype before?

If yes, where was the location?

October 3, 2014
by Mrs. Moore

Global Read Aloud Kick-Off!

Next week is the beginning of the 5th annual Global Read Aloud! We will be on fall break, so we decided to get started a week early. The book our class will be reading this year is The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane by Kate DiCamillo. Mrs. Moore told us the title, that the main character was a rabbit named Edward Tulane, and showed us the cover. We made predictions about 5 possible miraculous journeys he could be experiencing, and two character traits we thought would best represent Edward. Then, we picked our favorite journey and drew a picture. We made this video using the iPad app 30 Hands to share our art! We hope you enjoy.

Edward Tulane from Amber Moore on Vimeo.

Check back to hear about the other students we will be collaborating with on this read aloud!

Have you ever participated in the Global Read Aloud? 

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