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January 15, 2018
by Mrs. Moore
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Tonto National Monument, A Field Trip Of A Lifetime!

Tonto National Monument Field Trip!

Today we went to Tonto National Monument. The bus ride there and back was 1 hour and 30 minutes each way. When we arrived we were able to use the bathroom. After, we split up into two groups. One group was with Ranger Jen and the other group was with Ranger Will. Our class went with Ranger Jen and Mrs. Brokaw’s class went with Ranger Will. With Ranger Jen we talked about the group called the Salado. The Salado lived 700 years ago in Arizona. We talked about how the Salado got water from a spring instead of the Roosevelt Lake that was about five miles away. The Salado used the insides of a Saguaro Cactus to build the roof of a Salado’s home. They also used Prickly Pear Cacti pads as a delicious food source. After that we went down to an area where we drew what we learned from her and waited for Mrs. Brokaw’s class. Then, we ate lunch. Next, we swapped Rangers. When we went with Ranger Will we went in a room where we talked about what an artifact is. Next, we started to hike up the mountain and took a few breaks. We went up the mountain because we went to see the cliff dwellings. Ranger Will told us to find an artifact, a fireplace, a Saguaro Cactus roof, and a handprints. Then, when we were done we went down the mountain. Finally, we said our goodbyes and thank yous to Ranger Will and Ranger Jen and headed into the bus.

By: Torrin and Peyton

A Blog Post About Tonto National Monument

The things we did on the field trip were hike the mountains to the top to go to the cliff dwellings, and they told us that they used to be families in each room. They said that scientist said that there used to be 20 rooms and each family would be in one room together. The scientist said there used to be three people in the room that was a family. We also learned about plants. They were Saguaro cactus, Jojoba, Banana Yucca, Prickly Pear Cactus, and Brittlebush. Those plants all have uses. We also learned about irrigation. There are 3 different types of ways to irrigate. The bus drive was over 3 hours total.

By Destiny

On Wednesday, December 20, we went on a field trip. It was a lot of fun. We learned about a bunch of names of plants, and we got to draw some of them. My favorite was the prickly pear cactus and the saguaro cactus. After that we sat down with Ms. Brokaw’s class, and we ate lunch. Then we hiked up a mountain to go see a village that the people of the past made, and it is 700 years old. zit was easier getting down than up.

By Emily

Tonto National Monument

Yesterday we went on a field trip to Tonto National Monument. We saw how people lived there. We learned how they got water and food.They told us that they were farmers. They said they planted plants and used water close to where they lived. We got to go in one of the houses that were there that they lived in. The bus ride from school to Tonto was about 90 minutes over there and back.The bus ride was more than 3 hours.

By Brendon and Jose


What National Parks and Monuments have you visited? 

December 5, 2017
by Mrs. Moore

Phoenix Art Museum

Today we went to the phoenix art museum. At 8:35 we went outside to get on the buses. We were split up in three different groups. One was green in green you go with Mrs. Moore. The second group was the pink group which you go with Mrs. Greer. The last group was orange which was Mr. Ortega’s group. On the bus everyone was talking to their partner, all the way there. When we arrived at the museum, we went to the entrance. Next, we found tour guide. Then we started walking with our guide and our group leader. Our guide showed us so many things. First we saw a lot of pictures painted by this guy named Alexander. Next we saw optical illusion. Then we went down a hall with 25 thousand butterflies. Next, we saw a hot mess, and it was called hot mess. One of my favorites is Mass it was like floating burnt wood. My favorite was Fire Flies. They were floating lights and mirrors all over and it was all dark. We had a lot of trouble getting out. Our first step in it looked like we were going to fall. On our way back I didn’t sit next to any of my friends, and everyone was singing a song except me, Torrin, and Peyton. When we got back I was so sad.

By Connor

The first thing we saw was Alexander Calder’s paintings, and we saw butterflies on the wall to represent  things for people that have past away. Someone got married there. There is a lot of places to visit.  We saw the fashion place and  there was a lot of mannequins with fancy dresses. There was a thing called the hot mess, and it is string hanging down from the ceiling. After we saw the hot mess we went around the corner and we saw the string and we got to feel it. They all felt different.

By Christina

Today my class and I went on a field trip to the Phoenix Art Museum, and I got to be with my friend Maelee. On the ride to the art museum it was fast, and the way back to school was very slow. When we got to the museum we saw many pictures, and the first thing we saw was Optical Illusion. My favorite part was the Fireflies. There were butterflies on and around the walls. I didn’t like the fashion because there was too many dresses. I had so much fun at the Phoenix Art Museum I wanted to stay for the rest of the school day. I was in the orange group. I wished I my friend Candice was too, but she was in the pink group and that was unfair to me I guess but at least I learned new things about new people like George Washington. We saw amazing art and molded artifacts and our guide was funny, and she made us laugh a lot of times, but I really thought she was really really really funny. That is all I have to talk to you about the art museum.

By Sophiah

Today we had a field trip it was a lot of fun.  My least favorite thing was the bus because it took the bus a long time to start moving. I think it had to be at least 45 minutes, but my favorite thing there was the Fireflies.  It was cool, and it was a dark room. There were windows on the wall and little lights on the ceiling that changed colors. Out of all the things I saw my favorite was the fireflies some of the things I saw were Butterflies, Fashion, Hot mess, Mass, optical Illusion, and Buddha. There were a lot of things to see, but I didn’t see everything. I am happy I paid, and I’m happy I didn’t miss it .

By Emily

Here are a few pictures from out field trip!

March 8, 2017
by Mrs. Moore

Our Journey to the Underwater Caves in The Bahamas!

This time, we did go on an actual field trip! We piled in the big black school buses (yep, we took the special high school buses!) and headed to the Mesa Arts Center.

Inside the Mesa Arts Center waiting for the show to start!

Our speaker, Kenny Broad, is an environmental anthropologist. He showed us underwater footage from inside caves. Some of us thought it looked like a great adventure, but some of us thought it looked really scary! After we got back, we used Google Slides to write our field trip reflections. Sometimes we get too tricky with the color of the font, so you may have a little difficulty reading some of them. It’s something we are working on mastering.

Logan’s slideshow 

Peyton and Torrin’s slideshow

Christina and Lilly excited for the presentation to begin!

December 8, 2013
by Mrs. Moore

Traynor’s Trail

After spending time learning about photojournalists and their magnificant jobs, we went on our own nature hike to see what we could photograph and write about. Our tour guide, Mrs. Salmon, guided us on the path known as Traynor’s Trail. Here we are in action!

The Jumping Cholla Home

Written by Gabrielle

We went on a nature walk. I took a picture of a Jumping Cholla. On it was two little homes and one hotel. It was really big. I think a Cactus wren lived in there or maybe another kind of bird. You could see inside of the hotel, but the other one you could not see inside. I was scared to get too close to the cactus. I remember getting one stuck in my foot. Did you know that if you get too close to one it jumps on you?

Photo by Kyle

Photo by Kyle

Written by Amerie

We passed a tree and it  had a lot of sticks in it. When we passed the tree Mrs. Salmon told us it was a Palo Verde. The sticks at the bottom of the tree were a nest. She said it was probably a pack rat’s nest!

Photo by Jake

Photo by Jake

Photo by Kyle

Photo by Kyle

Written by Jacob

A dead piece of cactus looks like a sling shot with holes in it. It was still standing up. The color was light brown and it was near a bush. It was really tall and maybe 4 feet across. Then we went back to school, and that’s the day we went on Traynor’s Trail. It was fun.

Photo by Caleb

Photo by Caleb

When I Saw My First Rattlesnake!

Written by Kyle

Today, November 14, 2013 we went on a nature walk. We walked and walked and our tour guide, Mrs. Salmon, saw a rattlesnake! Our teacher told everyone to stay away from the bush with the rattlesnake it it. We had to take a detour around it. So we went off the trail and made it around it. I wanted to get a picture, but I would need to be close to it. I wasn’t close to it, and that’s my story of my rattlesnake that was in a bush.

Photo courtesy of Mrs. Moore

Photo by Mrs. Moore

Written by Carson

We went on a field trip and it was called Traynor’s Trail. The thing I am writing about is called a cactus boot. It felt like it was breakable. It was like rock and dirt together. The colors are brown, gray, black and yellow. The boot was very delicate. The boot felt a little bumpy and hard.

Photo by Atiana

Photo by Atiana

The Nature Walk

Written by Miguel

One day we went on a nature walk. When we were on our way Mckenzie spotted a rattlesnake. Only a few people made it to the other side, and the rest had to go around the path. On the way we also saw a cactus boot. We also saw horse tracks that looked like the letter U. We saw a jumping cactus, a sling shot and a Saguaro Cactus. We also saw signs that told what kind of plant it was. But it was a little strange that there was a white shoelace hanging from the jumping cactus.

I saw a Saguaro Cactus. I was interested, so I took a picture. I liked the photo so I am going to keep the photo. I am going to put another background. It looked like a green hand. I liked to look at the green fingers when I was young.

Photo by Jake

Photo by Jake

Photo by Kyle

Photo by Kyle


Photo by Devaunte

Photo by Devaunte

Cholla Cactus

Written by Shyann

We went on a field trip. We started taking pictures. We saw a rattlesnake, and it scared Mckenzie. Then there was a pack rat nest. People thought it looked cool, and some people thought it looked gross. Then we got to my favorite thing. It was a Cholla Cactus. It looked cozy, but guess what? It is not cozy. It is spiky. My picture is a Cholla Cactus. If you touch the needles will jump out and stab you. Do you know how old a Cholla Cactus lives to be? Do you know how tall it is?

Photo by Usmaida

Photo by Usmaida

Photo by Usmaida

Photo by Usmaida



Enjoy this Animoto video showing off more fabulous photos!

Did you see anything in our photos that you had not seen before?

November 12, 2013
by Mrs. Moore

National Geographic Live!

As we piled onto the yellow school bus on November 6, we really had no idea the treat we were in for that day! Our point of destination was the Mesa Arts Center to listen to wildlife Photojournalist Paul Nicklen. He not only had great stories to share with us, but some of the coolest photographs and video we had ever seen! These pictures included Emperor Penguins, Leopard Seals, Polar Bears, a Spirit Bear and Narwhals!

A class favorite was the Leopard Seal. Mr. Nicklen was taking photos of a Leopard Seal that was consistently trying to feed him a penguin! She didn’t seem to understand that he wasn’t there for lunch. Another favorite was the Spirit Bear. It was incredible how close he was to the bear! We highly recommend you look into Paul Nicklen’s photographs.

Field Trip from Amber Moore on Vimeo.

March 27, 2013
by Mrs. Moore
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Our Adventure to Antarctica!

Written by Magali, Lindsay, Brandon and Matthew

If you love the snow, then you should go to the North Pole or South Pole! We went to downtown Mesa to the Mesa Art Center to hear Borge Ousland speak about his adventures as a polar explorer. He explores the arctic places. Also, he saw some polar bears, and also showed us a short video about a polar bear coming really close to his tent. Borge Ousland told us that you use a flare gun to scare them off. Wow! He even saw penguins! Borge Ousland said that he is going to go to some place to see penguins in March. He had to put on an orange suit on his body to swim in the icy cold water! Lots of times he had a frost bite on his nose because it was freezing. But he said that his trip was exciting. We talked about the presentation on the bus back to school. We learned a ton!

Class Field Trip from Amber Moore on Vimeo.


 Would you want to go to the North or South Pole?

Have you ever experienced a polar bear in person?

Have you ever been to the Mesa Arts Center?

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