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March 27, 2017
by Mrs. Moore

Poetry (Sort of) and Pictures (With Attributions)

#17stubc: Week 3 – Activity 2

A Poem About Dogs

By Destiny

Dogs are not hogs, but they don’t have clogs. Dogs have claws, but they don’t have school laws.

They do not like laws, but they do like wet paws. Dogs love bones, but do not like toads.

Dogs love to play, but they don’t like gray, they also like to eat, but they do not like the heat. Dogs love treats, but do not like wheat.

Dogs hate squirrels, but they do like hurdles. Do not disturb dogs when they sleep or you’ll end up getting into a fight!

Guinea Pigs

By Sophiah        

Guineas are cute and I love them too.

I wish I had a hundred, but 3 is enough for me,

but maybe not for you.


By Logan

Pugs are so cute, you just can’t stop them, if they want food you can’t say no.

If I stuck my pug to Shyanne, he wouldn’t stop licking her, it would be so cute.

It would be so cute to watch them sleep, it look like it is a little blanket wrapped around itself, but don’t don’t even think about getting two pugs.

Trust me, I got two they fight a lot.

Did you know pugs are 3 feet long and 5 inches tall? Just imagine playing minecraft and you see and it becomes your best friend.

Usually I give it bacon every morning before I go to school. Every night, I gave it cupcake for dessert,

and I also play games with it when I get home.

I bounce his chew toy and Mr. Pie. I also give it a bath.  It so cute when it goes in the bubbles.

It looks like a sinking ship head that is so cute, just remember PUGS ARE SO CUTE 😉

A Poem About Bees

By Leslie
    Bees are yellow and black. They have stripes, but do not have tights.

They have antennas, but do not have hats. Bees are helpful when it comes to flowers,

but when they are mad they drag. Sometimes bees are small, but they are really strong.

Bees suck pollen, but they do not suck up juice. Bees have wings but do not have airplanes winged.

Do not flick a bee or you’ll get into a fight!



By Emi

Butterflies are colorful. Butterflies are nice.

Butterflies are small. Butterflies are hard to see when they have camouflage.

December 12, 2016
by Mrs. Moore

Our Eventful Week

When we say it was eventful, we are not joking around! Here’s a quick overview of our memorable week.

  1. It was time again to show what we know! We took our reading and math benchmark tests.
  2. In honor of Computer Science Education Week, we participated in Hour of Code! This was really exciting.
  3. Did you know different countries celebrate Christmas in different ways? We dove into our “Holidays Around the World” book and so far learned about Canada, Spain, and France.
  4. We had our first Mystery Skype and guessed correct! They were in Michigan. Then, we had the chance to find out a few things about their school and state. They only had 270 kids in their entire school! We also learned they they do border Canada, but not actually by land.
  5. Our first holiday cards from our holiday card exchange started arriving! So far, they have come Florida, Michigan and Indiana. We sent 3 cards to different countries, and can’t wait for those to arrive.
  6.  We put our collaboration skills to work during a math performance task. We had to decided how we would spend $25 at a country fair.
  7. During our introduction to coding, we used our first hyperdoc! It had video links, a padlet, and questions to ponder.
  8. Mr. Lockwood came to our class to teach us about digital citizenship. Using the internet comes with great responsibility.
  9. Of course, we squeezed in a little poetry as well!

Here’s a iMovie trailer for a quick look at our week! It goes fast, so watch closely!

Which of our events do you think sounds like the most fun?

August 14, 2013
by Mrs. Moore

All About Us!

We are a 3rd grade class in Arizona, USA. We spend our day learning new things by working in groups, working with partners, or working on our own. We learn with the teacher, each other, and on iPads, iPods, or other technologies such as netbooks. We are very excited to communicate with students from all over the world through our blog.

Our favorites:

  • Books: Magic Tree House, Diary of a Wimpy of Kid, Junie B. Jones, Captain Underpants, Goosebumps, Who Would Win, Mysteries A to Z, Love That Dog, Hate That Cat, Magic School Bus, and Green Eggs and Ham.
  • Foods: Chicken nuggets, pizza, hamburgers, nachos, mac and cheese, Panda Express, Sonic and salad
  • Games: Mind Craft, Club Penguin, Poptropicia, Animal Jam, Minion Rush, Cool Math and Sumdog.
  • Apps: Candy Rush, Subway Surfer, Friv, Doodle Buddy, Bubble Box and Show Me
  • Movies/TV Shows: Monster University, Disney Channel, Monsters vs. Aliens, Sponge Bob,  Christmas Mice, Despicable Me
  • Sports: Baseball, Cheer leading, Soccer, Volleyball and Basketball
  • Hobbies: Building with Legos, using technology, singing, dancing, running, art, playing and reading!
Our Class!

Our Class!

December 12, 2012
by Mrs. Moore

12-12-12: A Special Blogging Day!

Today our class is participating in “12-12-12 A Special Blogging Day for Students Around the World!” Students will be blogging about their twelve favorite things. Our class chose to put together a list of our twelve favorite things we’ve done this year at school (thank you Mrs. Hamman for the awesome idea). The first thing we did was scroll through our blog to remember a few of the fun projects we’ve participated in. Then, individually we wrote down our top five and a short description. Next, we voted! This is our list of our top twelve things we’ve done this year.

1. Global Read Aloud and Vokis: We used vokis to share the character traits of Charlotte, Fern, Wilbur and Templeton.

2. Dot Day: The Dot by Peter H. Reynolds is an inspirational book about creativity.

3. Snow Globe Writing: We wrote amazing stories about what life would be like if we lived in a snow globe.

4. O.R.E.O Project: A great project that involved predictions and graphing by ProjectsbyJen.

5. Pumpkin Seed Project: Another fantastic one by ProjectsbyJen. This one also involved math. We estimated how many seeds were in the pumpkin.

6. The Traveling Rhinos Project: We just started this one, but we are excited to help the students in South Africa save the rhinoceroses.

7. Traynor’s Trail: A field trip right in our back yard!

8. Holiday Card Exchange: We sent holiday cards to 29 other schools all over the world.

9. Our First Video Conference: We took a virtual field trip to Ontario Canada!

10. Monster Writing: This was a fun activity found at Monster Exchange.

11. Dinsosaur Stomp: We had a flash mob with all of third grade.

12. Save the Sea Turtles: Our group presentation after researching sea turtles.



What are your top twelve favorites?

October 20, 2011
by Tracy Watanabe

About Us, Our first Post

We are a 3rd grade class in Arizona, USA. We spend our day learning new things by working in groups, working with partners, or working on our own. We learn with the teacher, each other, and on iPads, iPods, or other technologies such as netbooks. We love connecting with friends online like in our Flat Stanley Global Read Aloud, and we are just starting our first blog.


Our favorites:

  • Books: Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Mighty Robots, Captain Underpants, Junie B Jones books, and Aurthur books
  • Foods: Pizza, Burritos, Ice Cream, and Nachos
  • Games: Poptropica, Fun Brain, Cool Math
  • Apps: Math Ninja, Math Bingo, Stack the States, Show Me
  • Movies/TV Shows: Magic School Bus, Toy Story (all of them), SpongeBob Square Pants, Rio
  • Sports: Football, Cheerleading, Jump Rope, Gymnastics, Tennis, and Horse riding
  • Hobbies: Board Games, Reading, Family Time, Color, Paint, and Art

Do you have anything in common with us?

What are your favorites?

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