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August 15, 2017
by Mrs. Moore

Our First Week

This week was very special because it was the first week of school. We had many projects, like the Marshmallow Challenge. We started to read a book called Hello, Universe. Mrs. Moore tweeted our new read aloud, and the author responded! It is a fun book, but we did not finish it because it is long.

By Antony

A few other exciting things for the week were agreeing on our classroom norms, working with place value and really big numbers, a Socratic Seminar, a Cup Staking Challenge, and collaborating on huge whiteboards.

If you’d like to take a glimpse at our week, watch this short iMovie trailer!

How was your first week back to school?

What are you most excited for your school year?

May 26, 2017
by Mrs. Moore

Our Final Week of #GKP17

Although the school year has come to a close, I decided I would write one last post for my third graders to share a couple things about our final week of the Global Kindness Project. I would also like to add I was very impressed with their thoughtfulness and growth each week of the project.

The big question for Week 4 was, “How do we take action?” I wasn’t sure how we could “take action” with so little time left in the school year. Then I read a post on the Global Kindness Project Facebook page requesting help in folding 1,000 cranes for a student who had health issues. This student’s brother was on a mission to fold cranes “to honor his brother’s fighting spirit and to give his brother comfort and peace.” When I shared the with my class, they were all for helping out. On Tuesday, I brought in the origami paper, put it on the back table, and told them they were free to fold when they had time. Luckily, Connor and Sophiah had been practicing at home, and were available to mentor the others. At the end of Wednesday, they had folded 43 cranes to be mailed to Franconia Elementary School in Pennsylvania.

Although this action is small, it was very thoughtful and heartfelt! Also, if anyone is looking for a warm fuzzy feeling, watch this video. My class loved it! We watched it twice a day all week (at their request), each time with immense focus.

What have you done today to be kind? 

May 22, 2017
by Mrs. Moore

Read Across America

It was a celebration full of Dr. Seuss! This event happened months ago, but we just discovered some old footage we think is worthy of sharing. Our class took it a step further than just reading the same author with other students in America. We actually Skyped with our friends in Missouri. We had recently participated in a Mystery Skype, and thought it would be great to reconnect with a shared read aloud. They read the first half of the book to us, then we read the last half to them! If you’d like to see a few pictures, and hear our half of the book, watch the video below.

What is your favorite Dr. Seuss book? 

April 21, 2017
by Mrs. Moore

A Balinese New Year

If you’ve been following our blog this year, you know we have been learning about different places around the world through the #GeoShows. One of our last Skype calls with Geo Brandon took us to Indonesia. We learned amazing things about their New Year celebrations. Then, Ms. Brokaw had a fantastic idea we create our own ogoh-ogohs to celebrate our almost being 4th graders! Check out our journey through planning, creating, and parading for an audience with our ogoh-ogohs!

Listen to the starting speeches to learn more about the celebration.

Our first performance for Ms. Marsh and Mrs. Seese‘s class was so popular, we held a second performance for the Mrs. Carney, Mrs. Jones, Mrs. Pesterfield, and Ms. Mewhorther‘s classes!

How do you celebrate the New Year? 

February 27, 2017
by Mrs. Moore

Makerspace and the Pipeline Activity

You will be amazed with what we created using these materials!

First, we headed over to Ms. Brokaw’s class to collaborate in teams. We needed to design the structures we would build using three sizes of piping and five different types of connectors. Our goal, how tall could we make it with the materials we were allowed!

Let the planning begin!

To see us in action, check out our iMovie Trailer!

How high do you think you could build?

Is working with a team better than working alone? 

December 22, 2016
by Mrs. Moore

Shout Out!

We need to give our friends in Mrs. Hamman’s 5th grade class a huge shout out for creating the amazing Santa’s Reindeer BreakOUT! Nice job Logan, Makena, and Kailei! We were so impressed you came up with such a challenging BreakOUT. It was really tough, but four kids in our class were able to figure it out within the 45 minute time limit. We encourage our readers to try this fun, elaborate, and exciting challenge.  If you would like to give it a try, here is the link.

Santa’s Reindeer BreakOUT

Our BreakOUT winners!

The challenge winners!

Connor, Brendon, Peyton, and Torrin

 Were you able to solve the challenge in under 45 minutes? 

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