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April 26, 2017
by Mrs. Moore
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Our Newly Planted School Garden

Plant Time

Today we learned how to plant a seed the proper way. Destiny and I are partners. I planted three types of seeds, radishes, marigolds, and sunflower seeds. Destiny and I  had lots of fun. I got really messy with the soil, but at the same time it was really fun. That was my first time planting a seed. I never knew it was going to be this messy. I will tell you the proper way to plant a seed.

  1. Get the seed you want to plant.
  2. Dig a spot you want to put the seed in, but don’t dig it too deep because it will take longer for your plant to grow.
  3. Bury the seed in the soil.
  4. Then you get a little bit of water.
  5. Then you pour it on the seed.
  6. Eat it and enjoy. If it’s a flower, don’t eat it, just put it in your hair and you will look pretty.

By Noemi Salas

Our Plant Adventure

You have to water the plants almost everyday, and when you water your plants, you have to be kind. You can grow food, flowers all kind of stuff. But, you need soil to plant your plants. You have to make sure not to get the leaves wet when you water,  or they will die because of the sun will burn them. You can also plant radishes and other plants. When you plant your plants you have to make sure it has good soil and good plant food. Plants can in shapes and sizes. Yours can big or small, but it  is a plant and plants are plants.  I love plants because they keep me alive, and I love love love plants they are special.

By Sophiah and Kayla

Plant Time!

Today we planted plants. It was messy, but worth it, and it’s fun. Emi and I planted radishes, sunflowers, and marigolds. Emi and I had lot’s of fun. Like I said, it was pretty fun and worth it. I am also going to tell you the steps for planting a plant.

  1. You find a see you want to plant.
  2. You dig a hole according to your plant instructions.
  3. Put the seed in the hole.
  4. Bury it.
  5. Wet it a little.
  6. Finally, let it grow.

By Destiny

We went outside and planted  plants. We planted  radishes, sunflower seeds,  lettuce and two different kind of beans and we planted our own classroom plants . We had lots of fun, so you should  go do it and check it out.

By Lilly and Anahi

Today we planted plants like radishes, basil, and sunflower seeds. It is easy to plant. All you have to do is dig a hole. On the back of the seed packet it will tell you how big the hole has to be, then you put the seeds in the hole. When you plant something, you have to water it, but if you water the leaves, they will burn.

By Alyssa and Alley

We got to plant radishes and sunflowers and melons. It was exciting what we planted. They need soil, they also need water and sunlight. When they get planted, they need water right away.

By Wade

If you would like to see a few pictures of our freshly planted garden, watch the Animoto video below!

April 21, 2017
by Mrs. Moore

A Balinese New Year

If you’ve been following our blog this year, you know we have been learning about different places around the world through the #GeoShows. One of our last Skype calls with Geo Brandon took us to Indonesia. We learned amazing things about their New Year celebrations. Then, Ms. Brokaw had a fantastic idea we create our own ogoh-ogohs to celebrate our almost being 4th graders! Check out our journey through planning, creating, and parading for an audience with our ogoh-ogohs!

Listen to the starting speeches to learn more about the celebration.

Our first performance for Ms. Marsh and Mrs. Seese‘s class was so popular, we held a second performance for the Mrs. Carney, Mrs. Jones, Mrs. Pesterfield, and Ms. Mewhorther‘s classes!

How do you celebrate the New Year? 

April 12, 2017
by Mrs. Moore

Songkran: Thai New Year

It was mostly about Thailand new year.  They had a water fight that went on for 3 days, and had a parade with Buddhas. They had a moat that covered the outline of the city.  The celebration was called Songkran.  They had temples that you have to take your shoes off.

By Wade

Today we had a geo show Skype,  and it was about Thailand and we thought it was pretty cool. Every year they get water guns and squirt it all over everyone. We think it looked fun, and  we wish we could go there, but it is too far away. Anyway, every year they  also make a parade. There are be cool statues made out of gold, and they are Buddha people. They also have a museum about Buddha, and you have to take off your shoes for respect. Also, they make Buddha statue and it depends how big they are about holding the Buddha. The kids are just are holding up the signs and some other ones walk the whole parade the whole entire time and the rest of them are squirting water at the parade or at the people or at the Buddha. The people who hold the Buddha sprayed water back.   

By Sophiah and Emi

Today we learned about Thailand with the Geo Show. We learned how they celebrate by getting into water fights or by just throwing water at people. They get a bucket of water or a water gun. We also learned about Buddhas. There are gold kinds, and silver, and also emerald kinds. There are lots of kinds of Buddhas!

By Leslie

Today we learned how Thailand celebrates new years. We learned how Thailand celebrates new years with Geo Show. They had Buddha when they had a parade. Then they had a water fight that lasted 3 days straight. What surprised me the most was when they through scented water at the Buddhas. He also showed us how to make banana coconut milk. There are some made of gold and emerald.


By Destiny


Geo Brandon answered this during the live show! Yes! The statues are made out of real gold!!

That’s right! It finally happened. Someone from our class won!

How do you celebrate New Year’s?

March 30, 2017
by Mrs. Moore

Castle, Farm, or Houseboat?

This quarter has been all about opinion writing! Here are a few of our opinions about where we would like to live.

I would live in a castle because it is royalty and nice. My house is not nice. I like it but it is not royalty at all. In a castle you have servers, and they serve you all day, everyday, all the time! I won’t have a slave. I’m not lazy. I can get my own food. I will have someone clean my castle. I want to live in a castle because it is bigger than a house, but I really want to be a queen so bad. I can rule everyone, but not the teacher, only other people. But, that would not be fair to others and they would not eat anything, so I would be a nice queen, not a mean queen or evil.

By Anahi

I would rather live on a farm. I’d rather live on a farm because you can grow veggies and plants. I’ll also live on a farm because you could make a bed out of sheep fur to have a nap, or to got to bed. I’d rather live on a farm because you get milk from the cows to drink and milk has protein. On a farm you can eat eggs and fresh veggies. I would live on a farm because you can look at the sunsets and look at the view. I’ll live there because you can survive, be healthy, and also have protein. You can go places with the horses instead of a car. My last opinion is I’d like a farm because you can eat healthy instead of sugar, and it could be fun to live on a farm.

By Leslie

I would live on a houseboat because I could scuba dive and explore the sea. I could go fishing for dinner and lunch. I could also catch fish for pets. Also, I could see a ton of sharks! If I get lucky, I could see unidentified animals! Living in a houseboat would be fun. I could do a lot of things.

By Wade

I would rather live on a farm because I love animals. I would also live on a farm because I wouldn’t have to go the store to get eggs, milk, and wool. I would also live on a farm because I could see my favorite animals, the sheep because it is soft, the horse because it is cool, and the pig because it is cute. Also, I can ride a horse, and kids could have a field trip to see my animals. Where would you live?

By Sophiah

I would rather live in a houseboat than a farm or castle. I would want to live on a houseboat because I can fish and make fish sticks. I would want to live on a houseboat because I can sail around the world. I could take my houseboat to find new islands. I would want to live on it because it can be super big like a yacht, and I can take my family.

By Peyton

I would rather live in a castle because castles have stairs, and I like climbing stairs. It gives you a good workout and gives you energy. Other reasons are it is big, it has comfortable and big beds, and they have tons of windows and rooms. The bad thing about having a castle is that they have gardeners, and they don’t let you out of the castle. You have tons of space to run around. You also get to dress pretty and had a dress on for your knight.

By Emi

Today I am going to tell you three reasons why I would rather live in a castle, farm, or houseboat. I would rather live on a farm. I would rather live on a farm because you could see all the animals. Including my favorite animal the pig. My next reason is because you get free food, so you don’t have to use all your money. My last reason is because you can ride something. You will have lots of fun. That is three reasons I want to live on a farm.

By Connor

I would live on a farm. I would live on a farm because I get to grow plants. I would like to grow plants because I would get to sell them. I would also like to live on a farm because I get to watch plants grow. I would like to watch the plants grow. Everyday I would get to see who much they have grown. My last reason is I build pens. I would like to build pens (for the animals) because it helps the animals stay warm and not run away. I would like to live on a farm more than anything else.


March 27, 2017
by Mrs. Moore

Poetry (Sort of) and Pictures (With Attributions)

#17stubc: Week 3 – Activity 2

A Poem About Dogs

By Destiny

Dogs are not hogs, but they don’t have clogs. Dogs have claws, but they don’t have school laws.

They do not like laws, but they do like wet paws. Dogs love bones, but do not like toads.

Dogs love to play, but they don’t like gray, they also like to eat, but they do not like the heat. Dogs love treats, but do not like wheat.

Dogs hate squirrels, but they do like hurdles. Do not disturb dogs when they sleep or you’ll end up getting into a fight!

Guinea Pigs

By Sophiah        

Guineas are cute and I love them too.

I wish I had a hundred, but 3 is enough for me,

but maybe not for you.


By Logan

Pugs are so cute, you just can’t stop them, if they want food you can’t say no.

If I stuck my pug to Shyanne, he wouldn’t stop licking her, it would be so cute.

It would be so cute to watch them sleep, it look like it is a little blanket wrapped around itself, but don’t don’t even think about getting two pugs.

Trust me, I got two they fight a lot.

Did you know pugs are 3 feet long and 5 inches tall? Just imagine playing minecraft and you see and it becomes your best friend.

Usually I give it bacon every morning before I go to school. Every night, I gave it cupcake for dessert,

and I also play games with it when I get home.

I bounce his chew toy and Mr. Pie. I also give it a bath.  It so cute when it goes in the bubbles.

It looks like a sinking ship head that is so cute, just remember PUGS ARE SO CUTE 😉

A Poem About Bees

By Leslie
    Bees are yellow and black. They have stripes, but do not have tights.

They have antennas, but do not have hats. Bees are helpful when it comes to flowers,

but when they are mad they drag. Sometimes bees are small, but they are really strong.

Bees suck pollen, but they do not suck up juice. Bees have wings but do not have airplanes winged.

Do not flick a bee or you’ll get into a fight!



By Emi

Butterflies are colorful. Butterflies are nice.

Butterflies are small. Butterflies are hard to see when they have camouflage.

March 25, 2017
by Mrs. Moore

Our Penguins Arrived!

Well, not actual penguins, but our postcards arrived via snail mail all the way from Antartica! We didn’t get a chance to blog about it, but we actually talked with scientist at the south pole through Skype! It was amazing! They answered our questions about the weather, how long they could stay outside, and how they can sleep when it’s light during the night.  We also learned there are no penguins at the south pole.

Our Skype with the scientists.

As a fun activity to accompany our Skype, we colored penguins on postcards. Then, Mrs. Moore mailed them in a big envelope to Antartica. They mailed them back to us individually, and now we all have a piece of mail stamped from Antartica! If you’d like to view our artwork, take a look at the Animoto video.

We wrote penguin facts, but they are on our bulletin board. What facts can you share with us? 

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