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If you’d like to meet a few of us individually, watch our Google Slideshow!

Here we are as a class!


We are a 3rd grade class in Arizona, USA. We spend our day learning new things by working in groups, working with partners, or working on our own. We learn with the teacher, each other, and using our Chromebooks! This year we are one-to-one in our class. We are also very excited to communicate with students from all over the world through our blog.

Our favorites:

  • Sports: Football, cheer, basketball, swimming, wrestling, soccer, softball, volleyball, baseball, and air hockey.
  • Hobbies: Shoot bows and arrows, bowling drawing, horse riding, riding bikes, play soccer with siblings, swimming, coloring, and jumping on a trampoline.
  • Books: Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Hero Brian Goes to School, Humphrey series, Fox and Socks, Black Lagoon series, Minecraft, Flat Stanley series, Dear Dumb Diary, Goosebumps Series, and Pokemon.
  • Food: Pizza, carrots, Subway sandwiches, ice cream, bananas, cookies, cake, donuts, orange chicken, and oranges.
  • Apps: Clash Royal, Angry Birds, Roblox, Minecraft, and Super Heros
  • Games: Sumdog, Prodigy, Shoots and Ladders, Four Squares, Hangman, Mario Brothers, Pokemon, and Heads-up 7-up.
  • Movies/TV Shows: TMNT, Pixels, Nine Lives, Garfield, Goosebumps, Alvin and the Chipmunks, and Home Alone.

Please leave a comment if you’d like to share your favorites! 


  1. Dear Mrs. Moore’s class,
    I liked your post about seeds on the go. I also like how you made the class say it at the same time. I like the pictures and how you said how seeds travel. I did a little bit of seed projects but then I did something else. I have a little bit of questions.
    1. How long did it take to do this?
    2. When did you finish?

    Your friend,

  2. G’day Mrs Moore and kids,

    Thanks for registering for the September 2013 blogging challenge. Make sure you visit the blog every week starting 8th September, when the first challenge is published.

    If you want a reminder sent to your email each week, use the “Subscribe by email” on the right sidebar of the challenge blog.

    Also make sure you visit blogs from other classes around the world with similar ages – see list in blog header.

    Feel free to add the 2013 badge to your blog.

    Miss W or tasteach – challenge organizer

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  5. Hi I am Shyann’s brother saying I like your blog!

  6. I’m guessing your class are very intelligent!!!

  7. G’day Mrs Moore and students,

    Thanks for registering for the March 2014 blogging challenge. Make sure you visit the blog every week starting 9th March, when the first challenge is published.

    If you want a reminder sent to your email each week, use the “Subscribe by email” on the right sidebar of the challenge blog.

    Also make sure you visit blogs from other classes around the world with similar ages – see list in blog header.

    Feel free to add the 2014 badge to your blog.

    Miss W or tasteach – challenge organizer

    PS If using blogger platform, please have Name/URL as an option when leaving comments. If using kidblog, make sure readers can view posts and comments.

  8. Howdy Mrs.Moore class,
    I am from Climb High and we are doing the Blog Challenge too. I hope you can see our blog and read “All About Us”. There is a slideshow that show our school inside and outside. There are captions that you can read that are quite funny. I hope you do good in the Blog Challenge.

  9. Hello,
    My name is Gabrielle. I am from climb high blog.
    I have a few questions. Under the food area, I am wondering what panda express is and what sonic is? Here in Canada Sonic is a game not a food. Are you in the blogging challenge 2014?
    from, Gabrielle

  10. Hello,
    My name is Lauren. I am from Climb High blog. I like the same types of thing as you. Like Friv, Doodle Buddy, Mac and Cheese, Despicable Me, Art, Dancing, Running and Reading. Are you in the bloging Challenge 2014? What is the name of your school?

    From Lauren

  11. Howdy
    I really like your class picture. I even saw someone in the picture who looks like my cousin. Good food idea you have listed but which one is your most favrite?
    Journey at Climb High Blog

  12. Dear Lauren,

    I don’t know if we’re in the blogging challenge 2014. The name of our school is Four Peaks Elementary School. What grade are you in? What’s your teacher’s name?

    Your new blogging friend,


  13. Dear John,

    Thank you for looking at our blog and thanks for commenting on our blog.I am Shyann’s friend Amerie.Hope you go on our blog again soon!

    Your friend,

  14. G’day Mrs Moore and students,
    Thanks for taking part in the blogging challenge again.

    I looked at your hobbies and thought laundry – that is a chore not a hobby – maybe that person could come to my place and get all my laundry done.

    Having been away on holidays for two weeks, I also need someone to clean my rooms. Any takers??

  15. Dear Ms. Moore’s class,
    I like your class post.
    I think you should more of your class room.
    I wonder how you get pictures for your class


  16. Dear,Mrs. Moores class,

    Hi Mrs. Moores class. I read all about your class it sounds amazing to have such amazing kids. So are you learning number line fractions in your class. Is your class is getting the hang of it? Your class does sounds amazing I hope they still do well.



    Ms. Myers class

  17. G’day Mrs Moore’s students,
    Welcome to the March 2015 student blogging challenge. I hope you enjoy the activities to choose from each week. Make sure you connect with other classes around the world. These can be found in the header area of the blog.

    Maybe your teacher could add a link to the challenge in the sidebar of your class blog.

  18. Dear Mrs. Moore’s class,

    I have been wondering what you have been working on.
    Whats new in the class?
    Thanks for the good teaching
    I needed it you were my favorite teacher.

    Sincerely, Asher.

    • Dear Asher,

      It is so good to hear from you! We miss you! We have been working on lots of math and reading. We are getting ready to start our state testing! What are you learning? Also, thank you for the very nice compliment. You are a very good and smart student!

      Mrs. Moore

  19. Hi, I’m a teacher in England in the UK and my class are also part of the blog challenge and are keen to compare, contrast and share life at our school to schools across the globe. We are a year 2 class (age 6/7) and our blog link is We’d love to add you to our global blog link and tune in to what you love to do at school.

    Mrs Cronshaw

    • Mrs. Conshaw,

      Thank you for reaching out to our class! We are on break right now, but will be returning next Monday. We would love for you to add us to your global blog link. We do not have a global blog roll, but I will set one up now. I will leave a comment on your blog as well.

      Once again, thank you and we look forward to hearing more about your school!

      Mrs. Moore

  20. Dear Mrs. Moore’s class

    Hi my name is Abby. I live on Denman Island in BritshColumbia, Canada. I am almost 7 and in first grade. My class has only 15 kids and includes grades kindergarten, grade 1 and grade 2. Your teacher is my Auntie.
    My favorite subjects are reading, math and Science.
    I look forward to reading more of your blog.
    Abby Erickson

  21. Dear Abby,

    Thank you so much for the beautifully written comment! We are on spring break right now, but my class will be very excited to see a comment from so far away! I’m sure you will be hearing from many of them very soon. I look forward to hearing more about your classroom.

    Auntie Amber

  22. mrs.moores class is the best in the school.

  23. on valentines day matthew and shyanna were the most creative on a valentines box.on christmas shyanna and mrs.moore got gift for all the kids in the class.on thanksgiving at my house we had lots of food and left overs.on my birth day i got dimenshons and the lego movie video game and i got to go to daven busters.

  24. the field trip was cool because we got to ride a cool bus and we learn about don´t wast so much water and it was so nice and cool there they had pins that people can spin in it and when we got back we got to go to p.e.

  25. Your blog is very cool.

  26. Hi Mrs.Moore’s class,
    I used to be in that class 2 years ago and it looks like you guys have been doing some interesting stuff. The room has definitely changed a lot and I hope you guys have been having a very fun year! Mrs.Moore is a really nice teacher.

    • Hi Leonardo!

      It is so nice to hear from you. Thank you for your comment, you are very kind. How are you doing? How is your school? I still tell people the story about you reading half of Esperanza’s Rising to the class, helping me with all the Spanish!

      How you’re well,
      Mrs. Moore

  27. Hi Mrs Moore’s class,
    I am writing from a medium sized school in Australia and I have had a class blog for just over a year. I have only just discovered blogrolls. I have added a number of links to blogs that I think the children in my class will enjoy, including yours. I would love someone to add a link to our blog – the children in my class love getting visitors from overseas.
    You can find our blog at
    Mr Collings

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