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This week we Skyped with experts in the field of science to learn more about birds and polar bears! Here is what we learned.

Bird Skype!

Today we did a bird skype called “Spot that Bird”. It took place in San Francisco, CA.  First we talked about the Pine Warbler, Cactus Wren, and Marsh Wren. The Pine Warbler’s habitat is the forest. The Marsh Wren’s habitat is ponds, swamps, or lakes. The Cactus Wren’s habitat is deserts. In a bird video they told us to spot how many birds you saw, and we we saw 12 types of birds

They also told us to write down what they looked like. Then they told us to write down what the birds were doing, and they were mostly eating fish. Finally they told us to write down what they sounded like. So I put quiet. In conclusion they asked us if we had any questions. That was our Bird skype or “Spot that Bird.”

By: Connor, Torrin, Peyton, and Dominic.


Polar Bears

By: Emily G

1. Polar bears need sea ice so they can hunt seals.

2. They have sharp claws so they can grab the seal before they can run away.

3. They need flat sea ice.

4. Female polar bears sometimes have babies on the sea ice.

5. If we lose sea ice sea ice we could lose polar bears.

6. International polar bear day is on February 27th.

These are the facts I have for polar bears. 

Facts About Polar Bears

I’ll be talking about polar bear facts! The first facts is that polar bears need sea ice. Did you know polar bears are mostly found where food is? Polar bears only live in the Arctic. Polar bears are a type of animal that you can call them umbrella species. In 2009, a female swim about 404 km in 9 days. Did you know polar bears need algae, ringed seal, and Arctic food? These are my facts about polar bears thank you for reading “Facts About Polar Bears!”

By Leslie

Polar bears

We did a polar bear Skype with the National Geographic. They were talking about polar bears how they survive and what they need. The polar bear has its own ecosystem. It showed that a polar bear needs ice to live. It showed that a polar bear favorite food is seal.

By:Jose, Evan, Brendon, and Julian


Polar Bear Facts

Polar bears only live in the arctic. There is only 19 species of polar bears. Polar bears need sea ice to mate and to find food. Polar bears have weaker jaws than brown bears. Polar bears have different  and special habitats like the habitat with sea ice in it. Did you know that there is a holiday for polar bears? The  holiday is called “International Polar Bear Day” on February 27th.


Author: Mrs. Moore

3rd grade teacher in Arizona, USA

One Comment

  1. Lucky students ! Two great learning experiences via Skype !
    I didn’t know there were 19 species of Polar Bears ! I did know they need sea ice to survive.
    Melting sea ice from global warming makes Polar Bear habitat smaller.
    Always enjoy learning about birds and their habitat. Our cat is watching birds right now as they feed on seed on the ground outside !

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