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100 Word Challenge

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This week is our first attempt with the 100 Word Challenge! We are excited to share, and we hope you enjoy our stories.


Using this picture, write a 100 word story to the prompt – What do you think this family is saying to each other?

I think I heard a family say that they are going to rob a bank later that night. So I ran to the bank. I said that later they are going to be robbed. So the security stayed later that night to make sure they did not rob the bank. Later that night they found the robbers getting dropped off in a black truck with black windows so nobody could see them. So the security waited, and when they arrived they were caught and taken to jail. In jail the robbers said how did you know they said to police?

By Jose

Once upon a time I overheard my neighbor(s) and they said, “Well, our neighbors have a messy house and yard so we should complain about their house to the office, and then they won’t live here. HAHAHA!” So I went and told my family and they (and me) cleaned the house and yard. When the people from the office came to our house they checked it inside and out, and it was perfect. So they told them, “That it was perfect so within 24 hours they needed to move out because they told a huge lie.” And they stuttered, “wh-wh-whaaaaa? why? We didn’t tell a lie. It was true.” Then they packed and left and never came back. 

By Wade

One day I was eating some lunch. Then I went to get more ketchup and heard some family talking about robbing a store. Then I started getting scared, so I looked around and looked back. Then I heard them talking about what they are going to rob. They said they are going to rob ketchup, mustard, jello, and popcorn. I was super scared now so I called my friend Torrin so he came over then we eavesdropped. Then we heard them saying that they hate ketchup! So we called the police and they arrested them.

By Connor

I was eavesdropping on a family next to me. I heard them saying, “we should go on a trip because I am super stressed.” “We should go on a trip John but, where exactly?” “We’re all going to Tokyo, Japan.” So the family left Singapore, and went all the way to Tokyo for about two whole weeks. They came back with sushi from Tokyo for everyone in the town, and they all thought it was delicious. Then the next day came and they went to Tokyo again for more sushi for everyone in the town. I never told the family what I heard.

By Dominic

“Hey Mom,” said the child. “What honey,” said Mom. “I’ve been thinking about where our next vacation would be. I have a few ideas, wanna hear them?” said the child. “Sure,” said Mom. “So I’ve been wanting to go to Alaska, Australia, and France,” said the child. “Hmm I’d prefer to go Australia only because, I’d die to see Sydney,” said Mom. “Cool I hoped you would say Australia. I want to go there too. I wanted to see Sydney,” said the child. Mom replied,”Well if Dad wants to go we’ll be set to….” Dad interrupts,”Will you two be quiet? I’m trying to get a cab and we’re not going to stupid places.”

By Peyton

When we were talking about the restaurants bad food, and we were telling people that the food was really bad. The place was called The Dinosaur House. They are bad in are in my opinion. They are not listening to us. Then we go in and there was so much stuff. The menu was filled with amazing things they were expensive. Their food took a lot of time but the people were so nice then the food was amazing. They loved it. They misjudged the place. They gave a huge tip twenty dollars. Then they had all the way home and they were not hungry.

By Mike

How would your story read? 

Author: Mrs. Moore

3rd grade teacher in Arizona, USA

One Comment

  1. Hi all,

    These are really nice pieces, and great uses of the prompt! The prompt is about stony sculptures, which have been placed almost in a decorative style next to some sort of sitting area. Using the prompt, you have turned this into really interesting stories about families. Jose – I really like your bank robbery setting. The way you capture the characters and the flow of the story is really realistic and draws in the reader. Wade – you portray a family setting of a messy back yard – I’ve seen plenty of those! Dominic – you describe a great piece about travelling, and some tasty sushi. Peyton – you describe a family feud about where to go on vacation – a familiar scenario for many. Mike – talking about a bad food experience is something that many families go through. All of these pieces were very imaginative and very well done. Keep up with the good work!

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