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It might have been a short week (only 3 days), but it was definitely busy!

We have been waiting all year for this day. We finally got our recorders! Mrs. Turner even taught us “Hot Cross Buns” and Connor already earned his white belt! Hopefully by next week, we will all have a white belt.


Geometry was the focus for math this week. We learned about parallel and perpendicular lines, and obtuse, acute, and right angles.


It was brief, but we had a webinar with OdySea Aquarium. Our connection wasn’t too great, but we did get to see an Armadillo and a few penguins!



We celebrated our new Student of the Month at the Flag Ceremony. Congratulations Dominic!

Student of the Month!

We had not one, but two Socratic Seminars this week! Topics of discussion, should kids be allowed screens in their bedrooms and should people keep exotic animals as pets. We used evidence from the text to support our opinions. We are really working on honing our speaking and listening skills. Most of us are really strong with one, but still need practice with the other.

Socratic Seminar

The Global Kindness Project is starting early this year. We decided to continue using our kindness log we started during #GKP17. We will continue using it through the end of the year! Mrs. Moore also read Each Kindness by Jacqueline Woodson. It really was a special book with an unforgettable message.


What great accomplishments to you have this week? 

Author: Mrs. Moore

3rd grade teacher in Arizona, USA


  1. Hello from Australia!

    My name is Kathleen Morris and I’m a primary school teacher from Australia. I also work with Edublogs to help teachers around the world learn more about blogging. This is how I met Mrs Moore.

    I’m excited to learn more about the Global Kindness Project. How does it work? I just love global projects! The book sounds excellent too. I hadn’t heard of that one.

    Best wishes,
    Kathleen Morris

    • Dear Mrs. Morris,

      We learn all the kindness you can do for the world and anyone in your neighborhood that you can help. what is it like in Australia? I heard its very hot over there.

      Your friend,

    • Dear Mrs. Morris,

      My name is Destiny and the book is excellent and exciting. The global projects are fun and exciting. I am glad you commented on our blog.

      Your Friend,

    • Dear Mrs Morris,

      Thank you for commenting on our teachers blog. We love doing global projects. Global projects are very exciting!


  2. Dear Mrs.Morris, We read a book called Each Kindness an we talked about it. Your friend, Mike

  3. Dear Mrs. Morris,

    Hello my name is Peyton I’m one of Mrs. Moore’s students. For the Global Kindness Project one thing we talked about is gratitude. Last week we did a Padlet and each of us typed things we’re grateful for and people we we’re grateful for. I’ve always wanted to go to Australia and try Australia’s food.

    What’s your school’s name? We also, read a book titled “Each Kindness.”

    Your dear friend, Peyton

  4. Dear Mrs. Morris,

    Hi I am Torrin one of Mrs. Moore’s Fourth graders. For the Global Kindness Project we talked about kindness and gratitude. Last week we did a Padlet about who you are grateful for and what you are grateful for. Australia is such a beautiful place and I have always wanted to visit Australia because I want to see Sydney, Australia.

    What did you read for Global Kindness Project? We read “Each Kindness.”

    Your friend,

  5. Dear, Mrs. Morris
    Thank you for commenting, my whole class is going crazy. How is it there down in Australia? The Global Kindness Project works by people being kind and nice to people. By the way the book was really good.

    Sincerely, Connor

  6. Dear Mrs. Morris,

    Our book that were are reading is Rump, but we finished reading the Wild Robot. In May or March I do not now which month, we are going to get the Wild Robot Escapes.

    Your friend,

  7. Hi there, Brendon, Connor, Torrin, Peyton, Mike, Leslie, Destiny, and Dominic,

    How great to hear from all of you. It was interesting to hear about the Global Kindness project.

    Torrin, I hope you get to visit Sydney one day. It is very beautiful. I live further south, near Melbourne.

    Dominic, our weather has been very mixed. Sometimes it is in the 40s (Celsius) but today it was only around 20 I think!

    Peyton, I’m not teaching full time at the moment as I have two little kids at home with me. So I just do some relief teaching. You might call that substitute teaching.

    Connor, it is lovely here. I must say, I do enjoy summer! Hope you’re staying warm.

    Best wishes,
    Mrs Morris

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