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Science Fair – Blog Post

On December 7, 2017 we had a science fair. The categories were most realistic, most creative, best overall, and neatest work. The names of the judges were Mr. Brave, Mr. Stern, and Chief Kelly. My animal for the science fair was an ostrich. How I did my habitat was by building my own ostrich and painting it pink and black, I put clouds around, I put a sky, I also put some foam balls to be the eggs for the ostrich, and last I also put trees and plants around. One more thing I also wrote facts about the ostrich. We also looked around to look at other people’s animal habitat. My favorite ones were Destiny’s, Emily’s, and Peyton’s. I really liked their details they put in. Peyton put the quills as toothpicks for the porcupine. Emily did the ice as foam and her water or ice clear blue. She had penguins. Destiny had a seal and I liked how she put the water as Play-Doh. She used white rocks, and she also used a plushie to be an arctic harp seal. She also used plastic snow trees. That’s what I did and saw!

By: Leslie

Science fair

By:Emily Goodwin and Mike Berens

On Thursday, December 7, fourth grade had a science fair. It was a lot of fun. There were three judges, and their names were  Mr.Bravo, Mr.Stern, and Chief Kelly. The trophies for it was Neatest Work, Most Creative, Most Realistic, and Best Overall. It was a lot of fun, and my favorite part was when the judges picked their favorite one for each place. That was the science fair.

Science Fair

On Thursday, December 7th, we finished a project of a animal habit. We had to get a shoe box and put the stuff in it so your animal can survive. After we were done, we all went to the cafeteria. Next we went to a table then put our project down, and finally the judges came around and looked at ours. At the end we sat down on the floor. Then the teachers named the winners. The awards were best overall, most realistic, most creative, and neatest work. It was a lot of fun.
by : Connor and Breanna

The Science Fair

Today we had a Science Fair. There were four categories with three winners in each. The first category was Most Creative, the second category was Most Realistic, the third category was Neatest Work, and finally the last category was Best Overall. I won first place for Most Realistic. We were able to take photos with our phones. The Chief of Police also came to judge our boxes. After the fair was over we went outside to play.

By: Peyton & Torrin

A  Blogpost About The Science Fair

There were four different categories and they were Neatest work, Most creative, Most realistic and Best overall. My habitat was a seal I used felt construction paper for the sky and blue play doh for the water. I also put a stuffed seal for the animal for the habitat and rocks also trees. The judges were Mr.Brave, Mr.Stern, and Chief Kelly. We walked around to see other people’s habitats and they were good. We also saw Christina’s geko. The ones I liked the most was Anahi’s, Leslie’s, Sophiah’s, and Dominic’s. That is the thing that I did at the science fair!

By:Destiny Jaynes

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