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Geo B Takes Us To Central America!


In 4th grade, we learn about ancient civilizations, so it was perfect when the Geo Show brought us to Central America to learn about the Mayans! We know from the Kahoot, there were about 200 participants, and we were on camera! Here is some of what we learned.

See us in the top box?!

Today we did a Geo show. It was about the Mayans, and it was fun. We learned that the Spanish arrived in America around 1520. A building technique is a Corbel Arch, and they built buildings and used the Corbel Arch. The Mayans were excellent at math. Sometimes there were faces carved on the sides of temples.The Mayans never had metal tools. They had stone tools to build with. Also, the structures were built with human power. The artwork is very famous at palenque.

By Destiny

 Mayan GeoShow

Today we had a GeoShow. It was about the Mayan culture and their empire. The Mayans were located in Central America, also known at Mesoamerica before the Spanish took over. They had the most sophisticated writing system. They were defeated by war and drought. We still use some of the same building patterns. For example, Corbel Arch is common building technique. It is also very strong. Stela and Altar is used for religious rituals. Stucco is limestone crushed up and is used as a building material. They have a game like basketball, but you can’t use your hands so it is way more difficult to make a goal. That was our GeoShow.

By: Torrin, Peyton, Connor, and Brendon


On November 6, 2017, I learned about the Mayans, and I learned it from the geo show! My favorite fact was when the glyph made pictures to make words. I also learned that the some symbols were for numbers like 5 is a bar and 1 was a circle. Some of the Mayan people used or had stone tools. There were two beaches one was off limits, and one is for people to visit. The artwork is very popular at Palenque. Some of the Mayan people used Stela and Alters. This is what I learned during the geo show!


What can you tell us about the Mayan civilization? 

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