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All of fourth grade was lucky to have a visit from Ranger Jen from Tonto National Monument! Here’s what we learned.

Today I learned mostly about invertebrate and vertebrate from Ranger Jen. She taught my classmates and I what invertebrate and vertebrate means. I did not know what it meant at first, but know I do because of Ranger Jen teaching me and my classmates what invertebrate and vertebrate means. Invertebrate means that someone or something does not have a spine. Vertebrate means someone or something does have a spine. For Example: Destiny has a backbone which means she’s vertebrate. For Example: A honey bee does not have a back bone so it’s invertebrate. I also learned about Tonto National Monument they have a special badge and it’s shaped like a arrow and they re present wildlife. Wildlife represents animals, plants, mountains, and water. They also all represent nature. I also learned about structures, and they are very old structures and they were like houses and building  people lived in them and about 700 years ago. I also learned about adaptations. Adaptations means a body structure and body structure means something part of your body and something you can’t change. That’s all I know.

By Leslie

Yesterday Ranger Jen came into our class. She showed us a slideshow about invertebrates and vertebrates. We played a game where we had to guess if one animal was a vertebrate or invertebrate. Then we played another game where Ranger Jen and Mrs. Moore put animals on our backs, and then we had to ask yes or no questions. Finally you had to go to Ranger Jen or Mrs. Moore and tell them what we think our animal was. Next she showed us a dance talking about structures or behaviors. Then we played our finale game where we had to say if the thing she talked about was a structure or behaviour. Finally she showed us a skull of a javelina and showed us it’s structures and behaviors. Then we asked her questions about anything. And then she left.

By Connor, Peyton, Brendon, and Torrin

Today we met Ranger Jen again from last year, and we learned invertebrates and vertebrates. Then we played a game where we got different animals on our backs ,and we had to ask our classmates for clues and we tried to figure out the animal on our back.   Ranger Jen brought in fake skulls of a animal, and it was a javelina skull. The 40 minutes was very fun and we learned a lot about the Tonto National Monument and the animals, plants,water, and the mountains. Also 700 year old houses are in Tonto National Monument. Ranger Jen’s uniform had a arrow head badge there was water, animals, mountains, and plants in the arrow badge. Also we learned about adaptations, and they  are a body function and a way to survive.

By Destiny

Ranger Jen works at Tonto National Monument. She taught us about  invertebrates and vertebrates. We also learned about animal adaptations. It is also how they survive in the wild. The adaptation dance we did was adaptations and structures that help a plant or a animal to survive.

By Anahi

If you  would like to see us doing the “Adaptations and Structure” dance, check it out on Instagram!

Thank you Park Ranger Jen for teaching us about adaptations, invertebrates, and vertebrates! @tontonps

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