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Dancing Raisins

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Did you know raisins can dance? Well, it turns out some actually can!

Today we did the Dancing Raisins Experiment. The materials that we used were a cup, raisins, and Shasta Twist. The steps that we took were pour the Shasta Twist soda in the cup. Next, we put the raisins in the cup. Our observations in the first minute  was that one was floating and slightly moving. In the second minute every thing was the same, and the third minute was when they were jumping. Our other observations was that only one was floating, lost their color, we heard popping, and they were squishy. Our inference was,”I think they are dancing because the bubbles held them in the water.”

by Connor, Torrin, Peyton, and Brendon

Materials: A cup, clear soda, and raisins.

Steps: Then Mrs. Moore put the soda in the cup and Dominic put the raisins in the cup.

Observations: 1 minute: They looked like they’re were dancing kind of. 2 minute: They moved a bit. 3 minutes: One stand up for a bit, and goes down, and comes back up!

My inference: I think the raisins are dancing because the soda was fizzing and the soda has lots of sugar.

by Leslie

Why do you think the raisins dance? 

Author: Mrs. Moore

3rd grade teacher in Arizona, USA

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  1. Wow ! What a gas ! (Fun experiment)

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