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Gummy Bear Science


We started off science this year working on observation and inferences. We are also learning to think like scientists and take lot’s of notes in our science journals.

Torrin’s Science Journal

We started by listing all of the materials we would need: gummy bears, cups, stirrers, water, vinegar, salt, and baking soda. Then, we predicted what would happen to each gummy bear in the solution. Finally it was time! We mixed each ingredient with the water and added the gummy bears. We observed, not much happening yet. We made inferences on what we thought would happen to the gummy bears, then, all we could do was wait until tomorrow to make new observations.

Our first observations

The next day, we observed again and this is what we found. The salt water dehydrated the gummy bears, so the gummy bears dissolved. The vinegar also dissolved them. The baking soda actually caused the gummy bears to grow! Final step? Make inferences about these results.

We were amazed with the results!

Making inferences

Discussing our findings

I liked this science project because it was fun, and we can learn new stuff. Now we know what it does.


Did our results surprise you? 


Author: Mrs. Moore

3rd grade teacher in Arizona, USA


  1. Bowsers ! Great Gummy Bear experiments ! Was it difficult not to sample
    those tasty ones ?

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