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Our Farewell to Third Grade


Yesterday, we took a few minutes to revisit past posts to remember everything that was great about being a third grader. Then, Mrs. Moore compiled our favorites into a survey so we could distinguish our top 10 favorites. This is what we found:

Ogoh-Ogohs: A Balinese New Year tradition!

O.R.E.O Challenge: This stands for Our Really Exciting Online Project

The Arizona Giant Traveling Map:

Geo Shows and Mystery Skypes: Skyping with Geo B and other classes around the US was a fantastic way to learn about geography not only in our country, but around the world. One of our favorites was learning about Komado Dragons! 

Video Conferences: We really enjoyed learning from other people! We video conferences with The Longwood Gardens to learn about plant adaptations and George Washington Carver National Park, where we obviously learned about George Washington Carver.

Cardboard Challenge: This is a spectacular event for people of all ages. This week was so fantastic, we wrote a whole post about it!

Earthquakes!: We built structures and simulated earthquakes using Jello-O.

Poetry: We definitely consider ourselves lovers of poetry. We began the year reciting other poets poetry. Then, we wrote our own and presented them with flashcards. Here is our poetry with pictures!

Dust Bowl: We wrote our play to depict life during the the dust bowl.

Planting Our Garden

*Bonus not on the list, but the most mentioned as forgotten~ Earth Models!

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3rd grade teacher in Arizona, USA

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