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The Arizona Giant Traveling Map

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During one of our final weeks of school, we had the chance to borrow the Arizona Giant Traveling Map from the Arizona Geographic Alliance! This map at 17 feet by 21 feet, truly is giant.  You heard us right, it is a huge map you can discover great things about Arizona by walking on it! The only hitch, no shoes allowed, but being third graders we thought this aspect was pretty cool. We couldn’t wait to get our feet on it, and we had such a great time learning about maps and Arizona, we visited it three times!

Our class wasn’t the only one who had the chance to try it. Several other classes, grades 1st through 6th gave it try as well. Take a quick look at our Animoto video to see us all in action!

We definitely recommend if you live in Arizona, get your teacher to borrow the Giant Traveling Map! The learning potential is endless!

Author: Mrs. Moore

3rd grade teacher in Arizona, USA

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  1. On the map ! Map on ! Next explore those places with maps in hand !

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