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The 2017 Global Kindness Project


Last week our class joined the 2017 Global Kindness Project. This project, started by The Educator Collaborative, will run through the end of our school year and we have to agree, it’s a great time to remember what kindness and gratitude means to each of us!

Week 1 addressed the question, what is kindness? Each day we used Padlet to share our thoughts and reflections. We tweeted these each day using #GKP17. Here are a couple of our tweets:

We are also very excited about our connection with a class in Prague, Czech Republic! We “visited” their school using Google Earth. It looks very lush and green compared to here! The time zones are too different to Skype, but we created this video to introduce ourselves to our new friends.

Week 2 was all about gratitude! We continued using Padlet to share our thoughts and reflections. We also tweeted these hoping to help spread the word of kindness and gratitude!

We are looking forward to next week when we will be learning and reflecting on empathy!

How do you show kindness and gratitude? 

Author: Mrs. Moore

3rd grade teacher in Arizona, USA


  1. Dear Mrs. Looneys class,
    Do you get tornadoes? How many field trips have you had? When do you start school and end? Do you have computers?

    Your new friend,

  2. Dear Mrs.Looney,

    How many kids do you have in your whole school?

    How long is the school hours and school week?

    My favorite part of the day is math time.

    My favorite dance is pop-see-ko.

    Your new friend,

  3. Dear Mrs Looney’s class,

    My favorite part of the day is math and reading. My favorite brain break is watch me whip. I have a question for you guys. How much times does it snow?


  4. Dear Mrs. Looney’s class, how many projects do you have in a year also how long is your school year?My favorite part of the day is math time.


  5. Dear Mrs Looney’s class,

    What time is your lunch time and specials time?


  6. Dear Mrs. Looney’s Class,
    What does your school look like? What is your classroom shaped like? What storms do you get? Why do you like playing coding. What type of foods do you have at your school?

    Your new friend,

  7. Dear Mr.s Looney’s class,

    What is your favorite subject? What is your favorite specials?


  8. Dear Mrs Looney’s class,
    What’s your favorite season?
    Whats your school color? Do you have a school color?
    Do you have earthquakes and are the earthquakes big?
    Do you like school yes or no?

    Your friend,

  9. Dear mrs.Looney’s class,

    We were happy to meet you guys. You have lots of green at your school. I wonder what your class room looks like? I bet it is cool looking.


  10. How deep is the snow?


  11. Dear Mrs.looney class,

    Was that castle thing based off of harry potter?
    How cold is it out there in the winter?
    Who’s your best buddy?
    Do you have a blog?
    What are you favorite subjects?

    your new friend,

  12. Dear Mrs.Looney,

    How many hours of school do you have?

    My favorite part of school is math time.

    Your new friend,

  13. Dear Mrs. Looney’s class,

    Is the castle based on harry potter?
    Does your class get good grades?
    Do you have a class pet?
    Do you have fun in your class.
    Our class does gonoodles for brain breaks.


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