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#17stubc: Week 3 – Activity 2

A Poem About Dogs

By Destiny

Dogs are not hogs, but they don’t have clogs. Dogs have claws, but they don’t have school laws.

They do not like laws, but they do like wet paws. Dogs love bones, but do not like toads.

Dogs love to play, but they don’t like gray, they also like to eat, but they do not like the heat. Dogs love treats, but do not like wheat.

Dogs hate squirrels, but they do like hurdles. Do not disturb dogs when they sleep or you’ll end up getting into a fight!

Guinea Pigs

By Sophiah        

Guineas are cute and I love them too.

I wish I had a hundred, but 3 is enough for me,

but maybe not for you.


By Logan

Pugs are so cute, you just can’t stop them, if they want food you can’t say no.

If I stuck my pug to Shyanne, he wouldn’t stop licking her, it would be so cute.

It would be so cute to watch them sleep, it look like it is a little blanket wrapped around itself, but don’t don’t even think about getting two pugs.

Trust me, I got two they fight a lot.

Did you know pugs are 3 feet long and 5 inches tall? Just imagine playing minecraft and you see and it becomes your best friend.

Usually I give it bacon every morning before I go to school. Every night, I gave it cupcake for dessert,

and I also play games with it when I get home.

I bounce his chew toy and Mr. Pie. I also give it a bath.  It so cute when it goes in the bubbles.

It looks like a sinking ship head that is so cute, just remember PUGS ARE SO CUTE 😉

A Poem About Bees

By Leslie
    Bees are yellow and black. They have stripes, but do not have tights.

They have antennas, but do not have hats. Bees are helpful when it comes to flowers,

but when they are mad they drag. Sometimes bees are small, but they are really strong.

Bees suck pollen, but they do not suck up juice. Bees have wings but do not have airplanes winged.

Do not flick a bee or you’ll get into a fight!



By Emi

Butterflies are colorful. Butterflies are nice.

Butterflies are small. Butterflies are hard to see when they have camouflage.

Author: Mrs. Moore

3rd grade teacher in Arizona, USA


  1. That is a good long poem Destiny and it was really funny. I didn’t really like mine because it didn’t have much stuff in it, but I like yours a lot, and I’m surprised you found that much stuff with puppies. from: emi your friend 🙂

  2. WOW!
    What fantastic poems and images to go with them. Well done grade 3 for including the attribution to the images. I have flipped this post to the magazine in the blogging challenge.

  3. Hello Mrs. Moore!

    I am Thanumi, a sixth grader from Thailand. Your students seems to be very creative! I love all the poems! If possible, please visit my blog too!

    • Dear Thanumi,

      Thank you for your kind words. I have added you to our student blog roll, and will have my students visit your blog! By the way, it is a very impressive blog. Thank you for sharing.

      Mrs. Moore

      • Dear Mrs. Moore,

        I really appreciate your kind compliment, and thank you for adding me to your blog roll. I will be adding you in my class blog roll as well.


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