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Cactus Adventures with Longwood Gardens


Today we had a video conference with  Longwood Gardens  in Pennsylvania. We learned about cactus and different parts of a plant. We also did activities. We got to draw your own desert plant and some of my classmates drew violent cactus, but my cactus was regular. Some plants hang from the ceiling, and you can see the roots you would walk under the roots. Some cactus you can eat. My cactus was a Agave cactus. My classmates and I had a lot of fun doing the video conference, and this was our 3rd time attempting to do the video conference. We saw close ups of different pictures of cactus.

By Destin

Today we had a video conference. During our video conference we talked about plants and adaptations. We learned about where she lives and where we live. Then, we went outside to see what cactus we have. We learned about Longwood garden and there was a garden called Silver Garden and we learned about why it was called Silver Garden.

By Shyanne and Sophiah


We learned about plants and we had a video conference with Longwood Gardens. We learned parts of a plant, we also learned about different kinds of cactus. We got to draw a plant and write about our plant and say what the adaptations of that plant.

After, we did the video conference, we went outside and looked for other different kinds of plants we saw some cactuses, and plants with a red thing on it. We also learned about the Agave plant it would grow really tall from the middle when it blooms.   That’s what we learned with Longwood Gardens about plants!

By Leslie

Today we had a video conference and  we learned about plants. We also learned about a lot of cactus. We learned about the silver cactus. It was really fun and  the lady was really nice. We did some activities and we also learned that they have a garden called the Silver Garden. It had a lot of cactus.  The place was called Longwood Garden. They have a lot of cactus and  they also have a venus fly trap. That was her favorite plant. They also have plants that hang from the ceiling. It was so cool, the flowers  were so pretty, and if you saw it you would be amazed.  I recommend going to Longwood garden. I hope you enjoyed reading my story about Longwood garden.

By Alyssa

We went to the makerspace to do a video conference presented by Longwood Garden. First we talked about parts of a plant. Then, we talked about what a plant needs to survive. Next, we matched the adaptation to the purpose. Finally we got to make are own desert plant and write its adaptations, and we also got to see what the silver garden looks like. If you want to go there, it is in Pennsylvania.

By Connor, Peyton, and Torrin

Today we learned from a video conference. What we did was learn about what’s  in the Longwood garden.  There was one plant that looks like the plant I’m growing at my house. The plant I really liked was the Old Man Cactus. The Old Man Cactus is like a cactus that is shaped like a sphere and like there is a spikes on it and something that looks like crazy hair. This is what I learned during the conference.

By Emi

Take a look at a few pictures from our morning!

Do you know why the Venus Flytrap eats flies? 

Do you know why cactus have spines? 

Author: Mrs. Moore

3rd grade teacher in Arizona, USA


  1. Wow ! My Papa had a huge cacti collection when I was little. They were pretty when they bloomed but rather pokey. Some cactus are edible so perhaps the spines are an adaptation to protect them from being eaten. I learned to love cactus when we bought a property from a botany professor who had a greenhouse full of cactus. They bloomed almost year around in the greenhouse and sunny front deck during summers. Hummingbirds and bees were quite happy !

  2. I had so much fun with you yesterday!! I wish I was able to go outside with you to enjoy the desert close-up. What a beautiful view you get to enjoy every day as do I at Longwood Gardens. Many thanks to Mrs. Moore and to each one of you for sharing your blog, pictures and video with me and I hope to see all of you in person one day here at Longwood Gardens!!

    Thanks again 🙂

    • Dear Kellie Saraceno, Thank you so much for showing us what Longwood Gardens looked like and telling us plants adaptations and how they get water. Have a great spring. Sinceraly, Torrin

    • Thank You for commenting and thank you for saying we have a beautiful view. We loved the plants you showed us and we liked doing the activity’s.


  3. I wish I could be there. It’s really beautiful. You have big Cactus. It was really tall. I hope we can see you again someday so bye for now 🙂 by logan

  4. Thank you for commenting. It was so much fun we got to see you at Longwood Gardens. I wish I could go to Longwood Gardens!


  5. Thank you for everything, and letting us go outside and look at the plants and tell us a lot of cool stuff that you know.


  6. Dear Kellie,
    I had a lot of fun when we did the video conference. I also hope to see you at Longwood Gardens. What kind of cactus is the most common cactus in Longwood Gardens?


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