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#17stubc: Week 1 – Activity 1 & 2

We are kicking off the Student Blogging Challenge with individual about me pages and adding our own personal avatars! On the #17stubc website, Mrs. Moore found an interesting website called Digital Tools for Teachers, and we are ecstatic she did! On that website she found Build Your Wildself.

Mrs. Moore shared one Google Slides through Google Classroom for all of us to collaboratively edit. We each added to one slide our about me and our avatar. Check out our results!


Here are our recommendations for the Build Your Wildself website.

Why I Recommend Build Your Wildself

By Destiny

I recommend build your wild self because you can be normal and you can be half animal AND also you can be a whole animal! I put myself as a normal person because I didn’t want to be a half monster or a whole monster. Some of my classmates wanted to be funny, and they made their self funny.

By Leslie

I would recommend it because you can look funny, you can look normal, and you can look like an animal. You can change the color of your shirt, hair, pants, and other things. It was a fun way to express yourself.

By Peyton and Brendon

Our first reason we would recommend it, it is cool because you get to create what you want. Our second, reason we would recommend it is because you can make super heros and normal people. We liked given our characters super powers! The last, reason  we think it is great is because you can send it to your friend!

We think you should give it a try!

Tell us something about you! 

Author: Mrs. Moore

3rd grade teacher in Arizona, USA


  1. G’day Mrs Moore and students,
    What a lot of work has gone into creating your wildself avatars. I love the reasoning for some of them. Glad to see the avatar Symbaloo was of help to Mrs Moore.

  2. Oh my, your avatars just made my morning shine ! Thank you for sharing them. You have a most creative teacher. Lucky students !

    • Oh I do wish I could change my triangle head with glasses ! I just made a JuneBug using your program “The Lun-sea-cham-ringo-elle-fly-horse” and I look divine ! Sadly I cannot post the image here so you will just need to use your brilliant imaginations.

  3. hi mrs moore have a great spring break

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