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Our Journey to the Underwater Caves in The Bahamas!


This time, we did go on an actual field trip! We piled in the big black school buses (yep, we took the special high school buses!) and headed to the Mesa Arts Center.

Inside the Mesa Arts Center waiting for the show to start!

Our speaker, Kenny Broad, is an environmental anthropologist. He showed us underwater footage from inside caves. Some of us thought it looked like a great adventure, but some of us thought it looked really scary! After we got back, we used Google Slides to write our field trip reflections. Sometimes we get too tricky with the color of the font, so you may have a little difficulty reading some of them. It’s something we are working on mastering.

Logan’s slideshow 

Peyton and Torrin’s slideshow

Christina and Lilly excited for the presentation to begin!

Author: Mrs. Moore

3rd grade teacher in Arizona, USA


  1. Great field trip ! Your creative teacher sure knows how to challenge students. You are learning to share what you are learning via video format !

  2. Dear Mrs.Moore,

    Thank you for taking use on that amazing field trip it was so so so so amazing I loved that field trip Thank you.

  3. Dear Mrs.Moore,

    Thank you for taking us on that amazing trip. My favorite part was when he showed us that worm thing. Next year where are you going?


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