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Abraham Lincoln


Once again, Brandon from the Geoshow taught us really interesting facts about our topic! This time he took us back to Kentucky to learn about the man before he became our famous President, and just in time for President’s Day! We started off with a KWL chart, so we could tweet our questions. Here are a couple from our W’s:

Brandon responded live to this tweet! He told us that although he loved to learn and read, he hardly attended actual schools. Hiring teachers was very expensive, but he did later teach himself how to be a lawyer.

This one didn’t actually get answered, but there is a little background to this non Abe question. We had just learned his mother died from something called Milk Sickness. This sickness was a result of using cows milk after they had eaten White Snake root. Great question Sophiah!

Here are responses from the L portions of our KWL charts:

  • Abraham Lincoln always read out loud, even when he was all alone.
  • He was the first president to be assassinated.
  • He purchased general shops. These turned out to not be a good investment.
  • His nickname was honest Abe.
  • He and his wife had separate bedrooms. This was a big deal if you had enough money to have two rooms!
  • He grew up in a one room house.
  • White Snake root is bad, and his mom died from Milk Sickness.
  • He ran a post office.
  • He died at 56 years old.
  • He was against slavery.
  • He had four children, but only one lived to be an adult.

What can you tell us about Abraham Lincoln? 


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