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George Washington Carver


Post written by Sophiah, Emi, and Jase

On February 9, 2017 we went to the Makerspace room to video conference with a park ranger from George Washington Carver National Monument. All the way from Missouri, she taught us all about his life from birth until he passed away. We learned George Washington Carver was born into slavery. He lived with three different families throughout his life, but never knew his dad. He did know his mother and brother. He and his mom were kidnapped when he was a baby! Unfortunately, they never found her, and only George survived. His last name was Carver, even though he was not related to the Carver family. He was born in Missouri and went from state to state trying to find schools that would allow black people to attend. He lived in a barn for awhile while he went to school because he was homeless. He became a scientist and a teacher. He helped farmers plant other plants instead of cotton. He created over 300 things out of peanuts and was known as the plant doctor.

Purchase receipt for Mary

written by Peyton, Connor, and Torrin

On our virtual field trip, we learned many things about George Washington Carver. We learned he was born into slavery. Moses Carver bought Mary for $700, and Mary was the woman that birthed Jim and George. When he was born, he was kidnapped and got very sick. The doctors said he would die, but luckily he survived. George grew up to be a scientist and made about 300 products with peanuts. when George was very old, he made a recording of this poem called “Equipment.”

If you would like to hear him recite the poem, you can watch it here!

It was very interactive!

The book George would have used in school. It even had fables!

What can you add to what we learned about George Washington Carver? 

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