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Valentine Contest


The ballots have been counted, and here are our results!

Most Creative – Matthew and Shyanne

Prettiest – Anahi

Neatest Work – Connor

Coolest Box – Breanna

Most Valentiney – Torrin

Best Overall Box – Brendon

We had to agree, we all had pretty amazing boxes! What did you think?

Author: Mrs. Moore

3rd grade teacher in Arizona, USA


  1. Happy ❤️ Beautiful, Fun Valentines Boxes Everyone !
    Treasure those as keepsakes is my advice.

    Mrs. Kathleen Sand
    Retired K – 12 educator

    • Thank you Mrs. Kathleen,and did you a have a good Valentines?After the Valentine contest we got to play prodigy!


      • Hello Destiny, Yes, lovely Valentine’s Day spent with dear husband of 49 years ?. You have a wonderful, creative teacher !

        Kathleen Sand

    • dear, Kathleen sand

      thank you for leaving a comment it was really nice we spent a long time making them it was really fun voting for them I won for most creative, Brendon won for best out of all, and Torrin won for most valentiny. Once again thank you for commenting

    • Dear Kathleen,
      Thank you for commenting on our blog. Also thanks for liking our boxes I liked them. Do you think we are all winners? I think were all winners. Happy late Valentines Day. Sincerely, Torrin

  2. I loved everyone’s boxes they were all beautiful and great! They were creative boxes and very wonderful boxes i saw lots of cool and cute boxes.


  3. Dear Mrs.Kathleen
    thank you for commenting on are blog
    the boxes are really pretty what is your
    favorite box?

  4. Dear Mrs.Kathleen,
    Which one was your favorite box?
    We had a lot of fun!


  5. I agree on all of you but I think mine was the worst because I didn’t even follow the rules on the paper but I don’t care because I would already know if I won or not and plus black and brown and green are not valentine colors but for me the sides are good

  6. Dear Wade and Alyssa,
    I remember decorating my own valentines box years ago. Also enjoyed having my students make valentines for their parents and decorate boxes for their friends to mail cards. Such good fun. I couldn’t possibly choose a favorite box as they were all unique ! ????❤️

  7. Dear Kathleen Sand,

    You have a beautiful name I wish I had it and yes it is true we do have a beautiful and creative teacher.


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