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We Love Poetry!


Last time we recited poetry for you, Mrs. Farris gave us a very good tip. She said we should lower our folders so you could not only see us, but hear us better! We decided to challenge ourselves and go one step further. We memorized our poems! We know you will be impressed.

Open Mic Retake! from Amber Moore on Vimeo.

Author: Mrs. Moore

3rd grade teacher in Arizona, USA


  1. Dear Connor

    Did you practice enough for your poetry? But I also like your dog. Could I practice with you on poetry day?

    From peyton

  2. I think we did ok because we always try our best to do something. Without the folder I tried my best. I always try my best but alyssa,christina,lilly,and of course cody they all did a very good show and when they did the dab it was a very creative thing. I think I did a horrible job but hey mistakes always happen and I did a mistake so you all learned that mistakes happen every single day. alright I make mistakes and you do mistakes every one makes mistakes.


  3. Dear class
    I loved your poetry it was so funny. I loved the one that the guy was dropping the folder and the one that the guy was holding the dog on the leash. I hope you guys keep doing a good job

    from connor

  4. Dear Mrs. Moore’s class,

    This is another fantastic example of the amazing learning that is going on in your class this year! And I think memorizing the poems was a nice way to present them to the class.

    Thank you for sharing!
    Mrs. Ligon

    • Dear Mrs.Ligon ,

      Thank you for the comment. What subject does your class like?

      Does your class have a class blog?


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