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Poetry You’ll Want to Hear!


We kicked off our week with new poetry folders. They are filled with lots of great poems, and the best thing is we will be adding to them throughout the year! We think everyone should read poetry because it is fun, but Mrs. Moore likes it because it helps with our reading fluency. Check out our first open mic!

Do you have a favorite poem you think we should read? 

Author: Mrs. Moore

3rd grade teacher in Arizona, USA


  1. Dear Class,
    I loved listening to your readings. Thank you for sharing out to us. One quick little tip would be to lower your folder just a little so the audience can see your face and hear you more clearly. Keep up the good work. One of my favorite poets name is Brod Bagert. Check him out, I bet you will like his poems too!

    Mrs. Farris

    • Thank you so much. We have did do poetry without our poetry folders. Some were ok don/t you think? I think we did good some where funny because they messed up

      your student,
      shyanne rayne bullard

  2. Dear Mrs.Farris,

    Thank you for that comment that was very nice of you to say that about our poems! Thank you for the tip.

    Your student ,


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