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It Happened, Again


We can hardly believe it. The beloved classroom Flat Stanley is lost again. You might remember at the end of the last school year, our flat guy was on his final trip in France when he slipped out the bag, and was never seen again. We, of course, knew it was because he was set on spending the rest of his days with Etoile, so we understood.

But this time, we are a little confused and have no one to blame but lost mail. He was packaged up and sent to a small island off the coast of Canada, Denman Island. He was going to spend some time there before moving on to Alaska. We were really excited about this because Alaska is home of the greatest race on earth, The Iditarod, and we knew he was going to love it! We guess maybe he wasn’t as excited about visiting the cold as we thought he would be. This is the last we saw of him.

Mrs. Moore's chair getting ready!

Mrs. Moore’s chair getting ready!

Jumping into the envelope ready for flight!

Jumping into the envelope ready for flight!

Although he was only around for one short year, he did go on quite a few adventures. A special thanks to the people who made it happen, Mary Salmon, Ms. Brokaw and the Carney Family. We appreciate showing us a bit more of the United States. He was able to visit two coasts and a national treasure. Here are a few photos from Stanley’s adventures this year.

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