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The Pup Adventure


Note: Emojis were used in this writing this original piece. The (parenthesis) is were an emoji was present.

By Nathaly

It was a cold fall day (leaves) were falling from the trees. A (dog) named Noodle laid in his backyard under a (tree). It had no leaves so he rolled in the dry dirt getting all dirty. Then he saw a dog. It was white and it was fluffy just like a cloud. He saw a lady standing there waiting for something to happen. The lady was tall, had red lipstick on her mouth, and a raccoon scarf. Noodle said to himself, “Is she an animal killer?” Then the lady said, “come on my little, let’s go home.” Noodle made a confused face because the dog was not so little. Then Noodle said, “she is not little, she is ginormous.” Then the weird lady and her poodle left. As soon as they left Noodle went into his dog house. That dog had all sorts of stuff like a piece of meat, chew toys, and a pair of stinky (shoes). He was happy in his little house.

The next day Noodle woke up in a happy and excited mood. He went outside to stretch. He looked all around to see what to play with until he spotted (paw prints). He wondered who made those paw prints? He followed them to give whoever went in his backyard a piece of this mind. So he past the pet store, restaurant, shoe store, and the ice cream shop, and it left him at the park. There were children playing at the playground and people walking their dogs. There he spotted his dog friends. They were next to a garbage can. They were talking about what they could do! Noodle walked up to them and said, “What are you guys doing?” Noodle had three friends, Poochie, Lay-Lay, and Lo-Lo. “Oh, I’ll tell you what we’re doing!” said Lo- Lo. “We are talking about Lay-Lay not talking to us!” said Lo-Lo in a come on voice. “Fine, I will talk to you!” said Lay-Lay. “Hurray!” said Lo-Lo. “What should we do?” asked Noodle. “Oh oh, I know what we can do!” said Pouchie. “We can chase (squirrels)! “Good idea Pouchie,” said Noodle. This made Pouchie blush. Then they spotted a squirrel caring an acorn to its next up in a tree. It was getting ready for winter. Then all three friends chased and barked after that squirrel, but a poodle popped out of no where and blocked their way. “Hey you, you cloud we are trying to chase here,” said Noodle. Then the poodle realized he was blocking the way. “Oh, sorry I am trying to find my owner. She was riding a (bike). She is getting ready for a fall race. I was running with her but she was too fast. I could not keep up. I fell, and when I opened my eyes, she was gone!” said the poodle. “Poor you,” said Pouchie. “You must be sad,” said Lay-Lay. “Yeah,” said Noodle suspiciously. “You look familiar,” said Noodle. “Can you help me find my owner?” asked the poodle. “Yea!” said Pouchie as she patted the poodle’s back. Everyone agreed to help the poodle find its owner. Then they were off.

They went all around Yesvill trying to ask people if they had seen the poodle’s owner, which was just a bunch of barking to the people. All day long they tried to look for the poodle’s owner, but nothing, just what’s, owww, ahhh’s until they came to this weird thing. It was blue, a blue shiny thing. Noodle Looked inside this black tube. Then somebody walked inside it and made a loud noise. Then (air) came out of the tube and Noodle’s face was black! Everyone laughed. “What’s so funny?” Noodle asked. “Your face,” said Lo-Lo. After they all calmed down, they went to an alley. There they all found stuff from the trash can and made a fire (with no fire). They all talked. They all laughed at their jokes and stories. Noodle kept thinking that dog looks familiar. He thought and thought, then he heard yawns. “Goodnight,” said Pouchie. “Goodnight,” said Lay-Lay. Everyone said goodnight and went to sleep.

The next morning, Noodle got up early and went to find something to eat. He found a long sausage, but there was only one sausage. He looked around some more. He finally found a plastic knife and tried to cut it equally. Then he brought the pieces to his four almost friends. While they were eating Noodle asked the poodle if she had an owner that was a girl and wears a raccoon scarf and is always really tall? “Yes!” said the poodle. “Then I know that lady.” “You do?” “Yeh, ” said Noodle. “Then let’s go!” said poodle. “Okay, let’s just tell the others,” then Noodle explained everything to them. They finally understood and before you knew it, they were off. They ran past the ice cream shop, past the shoe store, and finally past the restaurant. They went to a neighborhood. There they looked all around to find a house that had a bicycle. Then that very moment they spotted a house. It had an orange door, was white, and had a bicycle in the front yard. “There,” said poodle, “that’s the house I live in!” They all ran up to the front door. “Okay, on the count of three we bark. Okay, one…two….THREE!” All the dogs barked as loud as they could! Then, somebody opened the door. It was the same lady Noodle had seen the other day or the day before yesterday. The lady had the same lipstick, the same scarf, but her eyes had black smears, and it looked like she put paint on her eyes. Then someone put water on them and it leaked all over the place. She had a surprised face. Her frown turned into a smile. The lady said in a relieved voice, “Pom-Pom!” Each one ran to each other’s direction. The lady hugged Pom-Pom. “Oh, I was worried about you!” said the lady. All the dogs felt proud that they helped the poodle find her owner. The next day, Noodle was sleeping in his house all day after looking for Pom-Pom’s owner. It made him so tired, he didn’t even want to roll around in the dirt. And everyone lived happy!

Author: Mrs. Moore

3rd grade teacher in Arizona, USA


  1. Dear Nathaly,
    I love that story.It reminds me about the time i had a dog and we tryed to find that dog’s owner.It made me suprize.You did great.

    Your friend

  2. Dear Nathaly,

    I really liked your story!I thought it was amazing.How did you write so much in the story?You did a really good job!

    Your friend,


  3. Dear Nathaly ,

    I love your story so much it is so cute I love the name noodles. Did you use your amantion nathaly

    Your friend,

  4. Dear Nathaly,

    I like the story. How did you come up with that
    I wonder how you came up with that?

    Your friend,

  5. Dear Nathaly,

    Good job Nathaly on your emoji writeing.

    Your Friend,


  6. Dear Nathaly,
    “That was a wonderful story you are so thoughtful and smart and I loved your story you are really really good at math and now writing story’s and you are also good at being my best best friend.”

  7. Dear nathaly,

    Your story is great.

    What will the pup do to talk to noodle.

    your friend Ean,

  8. Dear Nathaly,
    I liked your story The Pup Adventure. How long did it take you to think of The Pup Adventure? What was your favorite part of your story? Please write something back to me.

    Your Friend,Manuel

  9. Dear Nathaly,
    you did a great job on this it was very long
    your friend Ethan

  10. dear Nathaly,I think you did a great job.

  11. Dear Nathaly,

    I loved your story.One day you can be a author.The story reminds me of wen my pet runs away but then we find him.

  12. Dear Nathaly,

    You did A great job you put A lot of effort into it I can tell because it is very big and it took you A while to get it done you took your time to get it done you did not rush. I think your emoji writing is better than every one else. even though you got ZAP that is because you took A long time because you took your time to put all of your effort into it you did A very good job I even think that it is A lot better than my emoji writing. You had correct punctuation and you even spelled every word correct every sentence that you wrote made complete sense. You also put the emojis in the correct places so that all of the sentences would make sense. you also had complete sentences. you did A very good job on your emoji writing you put all of your effort into it and you also took your time to think of new things to write in it. Your emoji writing is the best one I have ever seen good job Nathaly!


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