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On Thursday, our class participated in Our Really Exciting Online Project! It might sound like just fun and games, , stacking Oreo cookies, but we learned a lot using a variety of math skills. We each made a prediction about how many cookies we would be able to stack. Next, we took two attempts to build the tallest free standing tower and solved for the difference between the two stacks. Then, we found out our class average and shared it in a google form. You can see the results here. A little extra information we discovered was the following:

  • Mean – 18
  • Median – 17
  • Mode – 16
  • Range – 8

To view our fumbles, tumbles and stacking champion, watch our short video below!

OREO from Amber Moore on Vimeo.

How many Oreo cookies can you stack? 

Author: Mrs. Moore

3rd grade teacher in Arizona, USA


  1. HeHe, those Oreos seem to be rather petrified ! Jerry and I wouldn’t be able to compete with an Oreo challenge. Love Oreos….too eat !

  2. Dear Mrs.Moore,
    I switched school to Imagine East Mesa and we did not do this like when I was in your class last year.
    From your last year student,

    • Dear Leonardo,

      I’m so sorry that you are no longer at our school. You are very much missed. I loved having you and your brilliant mind in class. I hope you are enjoying your new school, and hopefully you will soon do a great project at your new school!

      From your teacher last year,
      Mrs. Moore

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