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How Tall Is A Redwood?

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When Mr. and Mrs. Moore came to visit last week, we saw this picture in one of the books they brought us. It was Mrs. Moore standing in the middle of a redwood! We were looking at her in person, so we knew she was a normal size person, so how big are these trees?

Photo by Terry

Photo by Terry

After they left we grabbed a 100 foot tape measure and headed outside to do a little of our own investigating.


We are standing at our starting point, and 367 feet away where you see the arrow pointing, is the rest of our class. You can’t even see them. That is amazing a tree can be so tall!

redwoodOur circle represents the circumference of a redwood. A redwood can have a circumference of 54 feet! If you’ve seen most trees in Arizona, this one really made us say wow!

What is something you have seen our learned about in nature that made you say “wow!”


Author: Mrs. Moore

3rd grade teacher in Arizona, USA

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  1. DearMr.Moores class,

    I love your phone vido it is cute because it talks about your blog and it moves were ever your mose go’s.How did you make it?


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