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Lon Po Po and Ginkgo Nuts


We recently read Lon Po Po: A Red-Riding Hood Story from China by Ed Young. If you have not read it, we highly recommend you do! We thought it was a fantastic story, and think you will enjoy the twist in the plot. We don’t want to give it away, but we will tell you in this version, the children trick the wolf into climbing into a basket by telling him he must try the delicious Ginkgo nuts from the very tall Ginkgo tree. The children made the nuts sound so delicious, we decided to create our own posters advertising Ginkgo nuts. Watch the 30 Hands video below to see if we can persuade you into believing this is the most fantastic food you will ever taste!

Ginkgo Nuts from Amber Moore on Vimeo.

What fun facts do you know about Ginkgo trees?

Which story do you prefer, Lon Po Po or Little Red Riding Hood?

Author: Mrs. Moore

3rd grade teacher in Arizona, USA


  1. Dear Mrs. Moore’s Class Blog,
    I have just discovered your blog, and I am really enjoying it! I am looking forward to reading more.
    M Williams.
    P.S. My class has just stared a blog. Will you please follow us?

  2. Yum ! Sure sounds like we need to add gingko nuts to our food pantry. Do you know where we can find or buy them ?

    • Dear Mrs.Sand,
      Thanks for your comment. We found out that they grow in a tall tree in China but we do not know where they sell them.
      Your new friend Leonardo

  3. Dear class,

    I think all the drawings are cool.I like the
    video too.I have never tried a Ginkgo nut before.
    Have you?


  4. Reymend likes Little Red Riding Hood and I do too because it was sad and funny.



  5. We also read Lon Po Po. It is a good story. We have also read Little Red Riding Hood it is a good story too. We liked Lon Po Po better because it is new to us and more exciting.
    Cadence and April

  6. We read Lon Po Po and Little Red Riding Hood.We liked Lon Po Po better because the wolf died and the kids did not.

    From your friends,
    Ohzeaya and Alex

  7. I liked Little Red Ridding hood because it has more details then Lon Po Po

    from Ethan and Erik

  8. Hi our names are Olivia and Hailey and we have come here to answer your question about if you like Little Red Riding or Lon Po Po. The book that we like was Lon Po Po. We like this book because it’s made in China and we have never heard of a book made in China. Also because the book has big words and the book helps us read better.

    Mrs. Murphy’s students Olivia and Hailey

  9. We have read Lon Po Po in our classroom. It is a good book. We prefer Lon Po Po over Little Red Riding Hood. We like Lon Po Po because the girls tricked the wolf. We also read Little Red Riding Hood in our class.

    from,Nahomi & Robyn

  10. Hi Mrs. Moore,

    I just discovered your blog when researching how to start a blog. I really liked how you integrated happenings in your class with student work. Any advice for someone who is just getting into blogging? I have started a kidblog account and wondered if you have a certain platform for blogging that you like. Any advice on ways to make blogging more interactive with other classes? I seem to have my students post but have trouble getting beyond that. THanks for any advice

    • Hi Ms. Moffett,

      Thank you so much for your compliment! When I was getting started, I picked one thing a week I wanted my class to share with friends, parents, and anyone that wanted to view. I start by writing these posts as a group, move into small group, and then individuals. Pictures and videos are always helpful to give people a great experience. I also get the students started early on correct blog commenting. Edublogs has great posts on helping with this, and also Mrs. Yollis’ class blog. I’ve only used edublogs, and love it. I have not started many individual student blogs, but they are always able to submit blog posts for our class blog. Students wanting their own blog need to meet a set of requirements to earn it. A good way to make blogging more interactive is to join a session of quadblogging or visit blogs, leave a comment and leave a blog url to reply. Sharing new blog post links on Twitter may also help, or joining Edublogs student blogging challenge. Twice a year you can sign up for this challenge. Share you blog links with us, and we will make sure to reply!

      Hope this helped!

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