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The Wonderful World of Plants


Last week we read a nonfiction book called The Wonderful World of Plants. This week we went one step further and did a close read on one chapter of the book. Each group chose a different chapter to become an expert on the subject, this way we could teach the rest of the class! Most groups shared using the iPad app Educreations, but one group used iMovie to edit their video. Check out our digital presentations!

The Parts of a Plant – created by Shyann and Miguel

How Plants Make Food – created by Kailey and Carson

How Plants Reproduce – created by Kyle, Jacob and McKenzie

Plants Live (Almost) Everywhere and Plants and Animals – created by Breeanna and Atiana

Plants and You – video directed by Jacky, edited by Jacky and Gabby, and starring Gabby and Jake

Plants and You from Amber Moore on Vimeo.

A different group had the opportunity to read Where Plants Grow. This is their digital presentation.

Where Plants Grow – created by Gavin, Adian and Jasmine

What interesting facts can you share about plants? 



Author: Mrs. Moore

3rd grade teacher in Arizona, USA


  1. Dear Jake,Gabby and Jack,
    I really like your video was it fun making this video?You guys did it in a movie and we did not but was it hard to get the pitchers you wanted?Was Jackie the one who recorded the whole video?And I know you had your papers on the ground you can tell because your heads was looking at the ground but I mite be wrong I don’t know if I am wrong or right?

    Your friend,

  2. Dear Gabrielle, Jake, and Jacky,

    I really enjoyed your video. It had lots of facts in it. Gabrielle and Jake, you guys talked really loud and clear. Gabrielle, you were a wonderful actress and Jake, you are just the same. I hope you guys had really fun out there. You guys were so wonderful. If you guys do another video, do it just like this video.

    Your friend,

  3. Dear Kyle,Jocob,and Mckenize,

    I really liked your video. I learned something knew about plants. I liked how your picture answers your question. Did you learn something new in the video? I would like you to answer back.

    Your Friend,

  4. Dear Shyann and Miguel,

    I enjoy your video it was amazing. I knew parts of a plant. Why does Miguel not like his picture taken? My mom always likes to take picture of me on trips to see all them when I get old. So thanks for the video!

    Your friend,

  5. Dear Kailey and Carson,

    I liked how you guys spoke clear so every one could hear. I never knew that many facts how plants make food.

    your friend,

  6. Dear Carson and, Kailey,
    I loved your video it was awesome! Did you know that plants use leaves to store food and water in them? did you know plants eat with there roots?

    Your friend,

  7. Dear Carson and Kailey,

    I like your video. You did a nice job. Did you like my video? The part I liked is when you said what plants need to make food. I like your pictures too.

    your friend,

  8. Dear Gabby,Jack and Jake,

    I loved your post it was really cool.I learned that plants can make school things like paper and pencils. I hope you have good luck with your next post.

    Your pal,

  9. Dear Shyann and Migual,

    I did not know roots are that important. I really liked the way you spoke.

    your friend,

  10. Dear Mrs. Moore’s Class,
    These were GREAT presentations! It is clear that you really paid attention to the text and found some very interesting facts. I really liked your summaries of the chapters. You found the main ideas, and presented key details that were important for us to know about plants. What was the most surprising thing you learned about plants? I have a challenge for you: The first person that comes to me and can tell me the world’s fastest growing plant will get a prize.

    Ms. Myers

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