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Solve It Your Way! How High…


On Friday, we participated in the 2nd month of Solve It Your Way! The question posed this month was, “Who in your family can jump the highest?” Since we wanted to do the experiment at school, we changed the question to, “Who in 3rd grade can jump the highest?” Then, it was time to get started! We knew our first step was to figure out how we would measure each jump. Gabby also mentioned we needed to figure out the materials needed to complete the experiment. Individually, everyone put their ideas on paper. Next, we had a classroom discussion on the concept we would use. Pieces of tape could be stuck on a wall to measure a jump, but would it be fair if we measured from the ground? Most likely not. The tallest student would probably have the best chance. So, how could we do it and make it fair? Mackenzie had a brilliant idea! She said we should mark how high a person could reach while simply standing. Then, they would mark their jump with another piece of tape. The space in between those, would equal how high the student had jumped! Great thinking Mackenzie! This turned out to be the best idea in 3rd grade, so all of the classes used it. Here is a short video so you have a visual of our solution to this month’s ‘Solve It Your Way!

How High Can You Jump? from Amber Moore on Vimeo.

A few cool statistics:

  1. 92% of our class increased on their 2nd jump.
  2. 8% of our class did not increase on their 2nd jump.
  3. Trevor and Jake both increased their jumps by 3 inches (the most in our class).
  4. The highest girl jump was Atiana with 8 inches.
  5. The highest boy jump was Trevor with 10 inches.
  6. We are still waiting to find out the highest in 3rd grade!

Author: Mrs. Moore

3rd grade teacher in Arizona, USA


  1. Wow! I love this video again–and just like last month, you were the first class to solve this problem! I loved watching all of you jump. I had a question. Did the white mark tell how high you could reach your hand and then the next mark was your jump? It was such a great way to collect data! Thanks for sharing. I can’t wait to share it with my class this week! We did ours at home and we are sharing our results this week!

  2. Dear Mrs.Sibberson,
    No Mrs.Sibberson the white pieace of tape is how high you are then you jump as high as you can.The yellow dots are for jumping high so we can see how high we jump. We did our 1st attempt and are 2nd attempt. Thank you for commenting.

    your friend,

  3. Dear Mrs.Moore,

    It was fun doing who in third grade could jump the highest.I thought my friend Trevor was going to jump the highest in are class room and I was right.Trevor great job of jumping the highest in are class room and great job to Atiana for jumping the highest in the girls in are class room.

  4. Dear Mrs.Sibberson,

    Thank you for your comment .We are still solving who can jump the highest in 3rd grade the highest in are room is Atiana and Trevor.

    Your friend,

  5. Dear Mrs. Moore’s Class,
    Your legs must be tired from all that jumping. I am impressed to see your thinking and your reasoning for this problem. I took a look at the other way students were solving this problem and I thought it was interesting how the two classes solved it much different. Do you feel your way of solving was the better way to solve the question?
    My next question is do you think Mrs. Miller can jump as high as Trevor or Atiana? I think my 2nd graders are up for the next challenge if you think we can join in?

    An old second grade teacher,
    Mrs. Miller

    • Dear Mrs.Miller,

      I think that you might jump a little higher then Trevor and Atiana lets say you jump two inches higher than Trevor and you jump four inches higher than Atiana.

      your friend,


    • Dear Mrs.Miller,

      Thank you for your comment. Tomorrow we are going on solve it your way blog. I hope your class is going on there blog too.

      Your old friends,
      Jacob and Carson

    • Dear Mrs. Miller,

      Thank you for commenting on are blog. You can join us for the next solve it your way they will be posting a new one tomorrow every month. We first write down in are note book then we share it with the class we think what materials we need then we try it with the tools we picked out I hope you do it with us.

      Your Friend,

  6. Dear Mrs. Miller

    You’re right, our legs were tired but we had a lot of fun.=]
    My 1st attempt was 4 inches. My 2nd attempt was 6 inches.
    92 percent of our class increased the height of their jump.
    8 percent did not. And I would definitely think that your 2nd
    graders are up for the next challenge.

    Your friend,

  7. Dear Mrs.Miller,

    Mrs. Miller thank you for commenting. My legs were not tired I was ready for more fun. It was exciting. My favorite thing about it is seeing every body jump as high as they can.

    Your friend,

  8. Dear Mrs. Miller,

    Yes I think you can jump as high as Atiana and Trevor. I only jumped 5 inches. You can jump like 17 inches. Have you ever had a cardboard challenge?

    Your pal,

  9. Dear Mrs.Miller,

    Thank you for going on our blog:) And yes our legs were tired. Well I think some people’s legs were tired we had so much fun and I hope you do it too. I hope you had a great fall break:)

    Your friend,

  10. Dear Mrs. Miller,
    Our legs were not even worn out. Oh! Thank you for commenting on our blog. We were still hyper after we did the contest.

    Your friend,

  11. Dear Mrs. Miller,

    Everybody’s legs were tired from jumping and trying to put a sticker on the wall. I think you can jump as high as Atiana =] . Your class can join us for Solve It Your Way for the question of the month =] .

    Your old student,

  12. Dear Mrs.Miller,
    Thank you for the comment. My legs weren’t tired after all that jumping. What grade do ya teach? I really, really like your comment because you asked us if our legs were tired after all that jumping!

    Your new blogging friend,

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